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Share Your Heart. ♥️

I am now thirty one years old. Craziness, isn’t it?! I honestly never imagined being where I am in this moment. Or who I am.

In the last several years I have grown into someone who loves her own skin. Someone who is proud of every scar and battle wound she has acquired. Years ago I never thought I’d become this person. I thought my past would forever define me. I have decided that is not and should not be the case.

It’s unrealistic to me that some get stuck in the past defining the rest of their lives. It doesn’t matter how you were raised, taught, brought up, etc. YOU always have the power to write the rest of YOUR story. You can be whomever you chose to be.

Your parents, childhood, upbringing, friends, past mistakes, etc. do not define the rest of your life. You can and should rise above the absolute worst you’ve been through to become the beautiful, colorful, amazing butterfly you have always been destined to be. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, let others dull your shine, or the colorful person you have forever been destined to be.

Life isn’t always beautiful, but you ALWAYS have the choice to be the most beautiful, caring, kind person you can be. Some days that certainly isn’t easy. Even for me, it can be a struggle. However, if I can show one person I love them by making them a home cooked meal, sharing a longer than necessary hug, or making them laugh a little louder than before; I am doing my part.

This world needs all the love and kindness we have to offer. At the end of every day you do not know how much your heart can impact one others life. . . & that should never stop you from loving as much as humanly possible. ♥️

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