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Make up, filters, fake-ness; oh my. 🤭

So if you have Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. I’m sure you’ve used a filter. A funny one or one to make your skin look flawless or any in between. & Guess what?!? It’s 💯💯💯 percent okay!!!! Or maybe you love getting dolled up 365 days a week and matching your nails to your outfits. Guess what?!? You should rock that shit all day, every day!

Recently I saw where Khloe Kardashsian was upset with a photo that was unknowingly posted of her; this may be an unpopular opinion, but she has EVERY. SINGLE. Right to feel the way she does. We all know when we’re tagged in an unflattering photo, regardless of your own self confidence, you cringe and generally untag yourself immediately! & guess what?!? That’s OKAY! 💯💯💯

I am 100% behind body positivity and loving yourself BUT we are human. We all have flaws and we all want the best versions of ourselves displayed most of the time.

It used to bother me to the core when someone would call me extra, ridiculous, psycho (🤪) for doing my hair and makeup just to sit at home on a Sunday or that I am over the top with matching. To the point I will change my earrings after I shower to match whatever clothes I put on, even if I’m just going down stairs again to relax and watch TV. Now I embrace it. I refer to myself as extra and psycho cause it’s apart of what makes me; ME.

Someone recently asked me what changed and what shifted that I am able to embrace the shit I was made to feel was flawed about me. . . It’s hard to put into words but the simplest answer I can give is that I stopped giving a single f*xk what others thought about how I choose to display my appearance and decided to do exactly what makes me happy.

So you can bet your ass that 9/10 I will have makeup on whether I’m camping, working, or just hanging out at home. My hair will be fixed. Nails will generally match my outfit, as will my jewelry. & when I take a picture I will pull up the filters and snap away!

Maybe some will say that’s fake or setting unrealistic expectations to outsiders looking in; but why is it my job to simmer my shine to make them feel comfortable?!? I am the one who needs to be happy with myself so makeup, matching, filters, beauty regimens and whatever else I decide to do to my own appearance shouldn’t effect another.

I do not put down others for not doing these things (I mean some times I give people a hard time, jokingly 🤷‍♀️) because guess what?!? The way they want to display themselves and their appearance is their choice. It doesn’t effect my life one bit. So if you want to rock basketball shorts, a high bun, a crop top, bikini, over the top makeup or none at all or a freaking ball gown on a random Tuesday evening at the local bar; YOU DO YOU! Own it. Rock it. Embrace that shit.

If I have learned on thing in my (almost) 32 years of this self loving journey I’m on; people will always find something to say about you if they want to. So if you are happy and love yourself raise those 🖕middle fingers🖕and keep doing you. & if you aren’t 100% happy with yourself, cause NO ONE IS ALL THE TIME, work on yourself and figuring out what will make you happy because you are the only one who needs to approve of you.

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