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I Am Like A Pine Tree. 🌲 (the meanings behind my latest tattoo)

I am like a pine tree; standing full and tall.

My limbs are not perfect; some large, others small.

I am like a pine tree; shedding my needles as time passes by.

And the pieces either get engrained in those around me or simply fly.

I am like a pine tree with deep and firm roots; planted in the ground.

I am made up of the nature, of the world and of the life all around.

I am like a pine tree with the sap seeping from my bark.

Just as love seeps through my skin and permanently leaves a mark.

I am like a pine tree providing shade to those I hold close.

I shelter them from the storm when the rain comes and the wind blows.

I am like a pine tree full of softness but ready to provide a sturdy foundation

Some parts of me are not viewed as strong or steady but as a whole I am a beautiful creation.

I am like a pine tree that has adapted and grown in the environment where I was planted.

Some branches have fallen and broken pieces remain but I am still in the forest; forever enchanted.

-Desiree Angelica

There it is. The first part of meaning for my latest tattoo being a pine tree. A strong and full tree going from standing up against the storms and basking in the sun. Letting go of pieces and people when needed. Seeping tears, blood, love, and laughter. Being cover from the weather those I love, may face. With roots made up of all the beautiful colors (people) who have shaped me and nurtured my growth; all who have played a crucial a part in who I am now.

The words above my tattoo are in Italian and it translates to “Love conquers all.” I chose this quote because the love in my life has always conquered all of my DNA. ♥️ The blood that runs through my veins has never defined me or made people my family. LOVE has. Time & time again. The family I have created has taught me unconditional love, endless gratitude and true happiness; some thing I don’t believe comes from simply sharing dna.

I choose Italian 🇮🇹 and to have my bonus dad write it because, he not only has beautiful writing, but he and his family has loved and accepted me from the moment they adopted me into their lives. I have a bonus mom; who loves the sunrise and has reminded me to appreciate the beauty in each morning (hence the sunrise colors behind the pine tree.) She’s someone I can turn to for advice, talk endlessly to about whatever is on my mind and gang up on Dad with. 😂 I have bonus siblings and their families that make life so much more fun and interesting. We can hang out and laugh uncontrollably & we all know we would be there for each other whenever needed. & I have a bonus dad who, while he will never replace my Poppa, has given me a chance to have someone to ask for a mans perspective on things, hang out with, have drinks with and depend on. A bond I didn’t think I’d ever experience again in this lifetime.

They love me without obligation or hesitation. They accept my love, craziness and all my extra Each of them have all become such an incredibly important blessing in my life. & what better way to honor that and forever remember that than with a permanent piece of art on my body?🤷‍♀️

ALSO A QUICK PSA; & if it crosses your mind that you don’t like tattoos, you think I’ll regret them some day or believe I shouldn’t “ruin my temple”(🙄) kindly keep that shit to yourself. I didn’t ask anyone else’s opinion of this one or tattoo’s in general and I won’t. 🤷‍♀️ It is on my body. I didn’t say you had to like it and I certainly don’t have to care. Don’t like it, don’t look at it and move on. Please and thanks. 😂

🛑 & a HUGE thank you to the man behind the art; Angel Rivera. He takes an idea and makes it more incredible than I could have ever dreamt of. His attention to detail and dedication to creating a work of beauty is unmatched. If you’re looking for an artist for your next tattoo find him on Facebook. 🛑

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