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Happy 59th Birthday, Poppa. ⭐️

“Poppa, Poppa, Poppa”; I used to yell into the phone

“Dez, Dez, Dez”; I was your Princess up upon my throne.

You taught me to love with each and every piece of my broken heart.

You assured me you’d always be with me; even when we had to be a part.

You shared all your wisdom, knowledge and truth.

You even told me the wild and crazy stories of your youth.

You taught me to appreciate and enjoy each day.

To always acknowledge my blessings; come what may.

You taught me a million lessons even though your life was cut entirely too short.

You were my knight in shining armor, my best friend, my never ending support.

Forty five years with you on this earth was certainly not long enough for you or for me.

But you touched a thousand lives and raised me to be exactly who I was meant to be.

You’re still here; I feel it and see it in so many parts of my my world.

And while I miss you each and every day I will forever be proud to always be your baby girl.

-Desiree Angelica

Dear Poppa,

Today you would be fifty nine years old; still so young and full of life is how I imagine you. You would have been sitting next to me on the barstool; slinging back Genny Light. You’d even be dancing with her for everyone to see. You would be telling stories of all the crazy things you’ve done & everyone would be hanging onto your every word.

You’d still be the life of the party. The one everyone would gravitate to. The best man they’d ever get the chance to know.

You’d be teaching me life lessons and guiding me through each and every turn that comes. You’d be my voice of reason and calm me down when I needed it most. You’d still be wiping my tears and holding me close. I’d still be sitting on your lap and wrapping my arms around you when I needed a warm embrace.

But you’re not here to celebrate your birthday today. You’re not here to have a drink to twelve with me. You’re not here to be the life of the party. You’re not here to shower me with love and laughter. . .

But I will do it all for you.

I will celebrate your birthday as we would have. I’ll be surrounded by the ones I love and that love me almost as much as you always did. I’ll have the smile you passed down to me plastered a cross my face. I’ll be the life of the party; in your honor.

I love you, Poppa. Happy Birthday. Have a dance with Genny, Genny Light; just for me. ♥️

So while I miss you every second of every minute of every single day I’ll keep your memory alive with the love and laughter you passed down to me.

I love you to the moon and back.

Forever Young ⭐️12/29/1962 – 02/29/2008

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