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Two people. One Liver. & a bond like no other. ♥️

Two people. They shared no blood, no dna.

Two people. Without an obligation to be there come what may.

Two people. Who met and formed an unbreakable bond through out the years.

Two people. They’d been there for each other through hours of laughter and moments of tears.

Two people. Both who cared and loved for everyone beyond measure.

Two people. With hearts of gold; they were some of the worlds most priceless treasures.

Two people. But one got ill and needed a liver.

Two people. The other stepped up to be the giver.

Two people. Both facing incredible challenges as they go through this life saving operation.

Two people. Who share immeasurable love and heart with out obligation.

Two people. Facing this challenge together, each and every day.

Two people. Who will now share blood & dna.

Two people. One liver.

And a bond like no other!

-Desiree Angelica Young

These two women are forces of nature. They are rock solid friends. Caregivers who would go to the end of the earth and back for anyone who crosses their paths. Coworkers who make everyone feel seen and heard. Moms, daughters, wives, fiancés, and so much more.

Knowing these amazing humans and watching them both change and shift through out the years has been an absolute honor. We have shared up and downs. Super high highs and lows that hit rock bottom. They are strong and steady in their opinions. Their hearts are treasures that should never be taken for granted.

Each facing their own turmoil in their lives yet they never hesitate to be there for the ones they love. They drop everything to listen, care for and help those they hold dear. And this situation is no different.

From the time we all knew Lynn would need a piece of liver Kayla has been the one constant who said “I will.” “I will donate a piece of me so my best friend can once again enjoy life and be the absolute rockstar she was destined to be. “ She has never wavered, never hesitated and never backed down. But the most beautiful part of this is that had the roles been reversed there is not a single doubt in my or anyone else’s mind that Lynn would do the same for Kayla. In a heartbeat.

So on 12/12/2022 Kayla will donate a literal piece of herself to save her best friend and help Lynn live the beautiful life she deserves.

It’s rare to have a friendship like these two but it is a magical thing to watch and experience. It truly is life changing.

Thank you both for showing the truest meaning of love and friendship in the chaotically, beautiful world. My thoughts, prayers & love are with you now and always. ♥️

4 thoughts on “Two people. One Liver. & a bond like no other. ♥️”

  1. This is such a beautiful story, and I am so bless to know Lynn, and to be able to say that she has truly touched my heart!! My thoughts and prayers go with you!


  2. Two very amazing women who have given of themselves to so many over the years! Prayers and strength to both of you and your your medical team! ❤️


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