October 26th, 2017

Today my surgeon’s office called me and told me that my surgery is scheduled for December 5th, 2017.

I have a million different emotions running through my head.

This is a major life changing decision and I’m finally ready to takethis step to become a healthier and happier person.

I will see the surgeon’s PA on Nov 8th for my pre-op visit And i will see the nutritionist that day as well to go over my pre op liver shrink diet as well as what i will be able to eat in the hospital and when i come home.

Prior to November 8th I will have labs, a chest xray and an echo to make sure i am ready to go for surgery. And November 16th I will have an EGD.

Once all of that is complete. . it’s go time. . My liver shrink diet will start on November 21st and December 5th I will have my vertical sleeve gasectomy.

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