He Would

A little girl was born; so shy and scared, a long time ago. . . Her father so strong, so brave and so loving; little did she know. . . He would pass down to her his strength, courage and heart. It would show through when they were forced to part. He would give her... Continue Reading →

the building that raised me: POJHS

The bricks, the mortar, the tile and concrete. Each piece a part of the foundation that built me. The teachers, the counselors, the secretaries and everyone in between. . . They molded me from when I was just a teen. The lessons and homework I once rolled my eyes at Taught me to question life;... Continue Reading →

My Words. . .

It’s my words. My lines. My stories to tell. It’s my memories. My pain. My own personal hell. The monsters lurking in the dark. The never ending sleepless nights. The shadows on the wall; disappearing with the morning lights. The pain brushed under the rug. The performance for all to see. You didn’t care, you... Continue Reading →

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