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Oh Sweet Child; Turning 34

Oh sweet child; never lose that spark or shine.

Never stop looking up, those stars will surely align.

Oh sweet child; be bold, be brave, bare your beautiful soul.

Don’t push a way those ones who make your life whole.

Oh sweet child; you will grow and learn and change more times than you can count.

Keep believing in yourself even on the days you’re filled with doubt.

Oh sweet child; it’s gonna be hard. But there’s nothing you can’t do.

Some days will hurt like hell but keep pushing through.

Oh sweet child; the storms will roll on it out of the never ending blue sky.

Remember you’ve got this. Keep your head held high.

Oh sweet child; the pain will feel unbearable and you’ll feel like you can’t go on.

But remember to live in the moment for those moments will one day be gone.

Oh sweet child; you’ll stumble and you’ll fall

But I hope you know you’ll turn out just fine, after all.

Desiree Angelica Young

Today I turn 34.

That’s 34 years of love, laughter and life.

34 years of heart break, tears and grief.

34 years full of highs and lows, up and downs, sunshine and storms.

34 years of growth and stand stills.

34 years of change and consistency.

34 years full of crazy contradictions.

& most of all 34 years that I wouldn’t change a thing about.

Every single piece of where & who I have been has led me to where and who I am now. & that is a bad ass woman who will never back down, never stop fighting and never become bitter or hardened. Despite and in-spite of where I have been I know exactly where I’m going.

I am unexplainably proud of the woman I have and am becoming.

I have climbed every ladder than has been put in front of me. Defied all obstacles that threatened my future. Moved past every ridicule and snide comment threatening my focus. Rid toxic relationships and forgiven all those who wronged me. & focused on myself and putting me at the top of the list without pain or guilt.

This doesn’t mean I won’t have bad days, hard days, struggle days, shitty days. . . We all do. But if I have learned nothing else in the past 34 years I have learned that a bad day doesn’t mean it’s not a beautiful, amazing, incredible life. ♥️

Happy 34th Birthday to me. 🎉

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