He Would

A little girl was born; so shy and scared, a long time ago. . . Her father so strong, so brave and so loving; little did she know. . . He would pass down to her his strength, courage and heart. It would show through when they were forced to part. He would give her... Continue Reading →

Growth. (& Happy 4yr Surgiversary to Me.)

Growth. It’s scary, painful and full of the unknown. It’s walking a crossed a stream; sliding forward, feeling your way, stone by stone.. Growth. It’s shedding the layers of skin you’ve wrapped upon yourself. It’s putting yourself first. Your emotional, mental and physical health. Growth. It’s trying, hard and can be a lonely place. It’s... Continue Reading →

This Girls STILL got goals.

Whether it's a promotion, relationship, writing, weight loss or health I have always been one to set goals. Big ones, small ones, and every single size in between. I love to write them down and make the lists of what I need to do to achieve them. I LOVE the satisfaction of putting a check... Continue Reading →

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