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They Pulled You Up

You were just young when your world turned gray. Dark clouds set in; every single day.

Your world came crashing; it all fell down. Bricks and mortar; they slammed to the ground.

Life as you knew it became something dark. Monsters were lurking and they left their mark.

And you had no place to call home; you were on your own. You were still a child with no choice but to be grown.

You were just young when you grew up too fast. But those nightmares; they were engrained to last.

All you knew was just a lie; but you didn’t dare let out a single cry.

This world was ever changing; you were circling the drain. You had no where to unpack; all of your pain.

You had no place to call home; you were on your own. You were still a child with no choice but to be grown.

Suddenly. . . you looked up; there was a hand reaching down. . . They pulled you up as you were about to drown.

You slipped on the rocks, scraped your knees. You found your footing as you begged and you pleaded.

You’ve found your home. You’re no longer on your own. You’ve found your way to a love you’ve never known.

The light breaks through those dark clouds; You see your truth and are finally proud.

When the dark days seemed as though they would never end; they pulled you up, your dearest friends.

Now you’ve forever got a place to call home; and you always know you’ll never be alone. ♥️

– Desiree Angelica Young

It’s crazy to think back on some of the absolute darkest days in your life. To see how far you’ve come. Who pulled you up. Who has never batted and eye at being right beside you for whatever comes. The times you thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel and if you’d saw it you were absolutely sure it was a damned train, going full steam ahead to plow you right back over.

But whether you have people who have been apart of you life for all of it, just a few seasons, or one specific reason you certainly have people who have given you a hand to lift you up, or laid down right beside you until you were ready to try and climb up from the pits of hell, once again.

If I told everyone I met my entire story, most would say they don’t know how I made it to where I am now. So full of love, life and laughter. I know how I got here; the people who have been blessings in my life. The ones who have raised me, loved me without obligation and stood right beside me without hesitation or questions.

I don’t believe my story is sad, or hard or anything along the lines. I believe it is a story or hope, caring and incredible souls who found me, loved me and continue to shape me.

I could write a thousand lines and provide a never ending list of the people who have loved me along the way, some have come and gone, some remain; but I am endlessly thankful for each and every single one who has played part in my story. ♥️

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