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Let Them

Let them blow a way when their season in your life has changed.

Let them fall into place when the puzzle pieces need rearranged.

Let them decide it’s time to leave for good and walk out the door.

Let them love you like you’ve never known love before.

Let them grow in a different direction than you had in mind.

Let them walk beside you and never leave you behind.

Let them live their dreams wherever the North Star guides.

Let them surf the waves with you and ride out the high tides.

Let them disappear and become a ghost of the past.

Let them prove to you that some love really does last.

Let them drive a way when the road comes to a Y.

Let them give you all the moon and stars in the night sky.

Let them do whatever they need to do to be happy without judgement or shame.

Let them show you that you truly can live and love again.

Let them do whatever they feel needs to be done.

Let them live their life & you live yours; you only get one.

Desiree Angelica Young

Over your life time friends, loves, family etc. will come and go. As hard as it is some times you have to learn to let them. Let them make the choices that fit their lives best.

Some times that means never getting the closure you feel you need or deserve. Some times that means feeling left out or behind. And sometimes it means feeling like a weight has been lifted because you felt that friendship has passed its expiration date but you were never sure how to walk away.

No matter the circumstance; you have to learn to Let Them.

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