Happy 30th To Me!

Thirty. 😲 Thirty years old. Here I am, the day after my birthday, enjoying every minute of where I’ve been and discovering even more about myself with every passing day.

I hear so many people dreading another birthday or not wanting to grow older. That has never been the case for me. I love birthdays. (Just ask my closest friends since they receive count downs to my birthday. 🤣) but, seriously, birthday’s are magical and should always be celebrated.

It’s another year of life lessons, of surviving days you weren’t sure you’d make it through. A year of everlasting memories and love. It’s more time here on this beautiful earth that you can strive to be the absolute best version of yourself. It’s another chance to love whole heartedly and genuinely. And it is a wonderful reminder of just how loved and important you are to those in your life.

Twenty nine was a year of change, growth, and happiness for me. There were certainly bad days and moments but in the grander view it was one of the best years yet & I believe thirty will be even better!

It’s funny the things that we look back on as we grow and age. We change our views of what is important and what should be a priority. We shift and navigate through a world that can be cruel but can also be majestic. We perform on a thousands different stages in our life time for several diverse crowds. We adapt to our surroundings and we ultimately choose to simply survive or thrive. Always choose to thrive. Always choose to celebrate another day of this life. Always choose to surround yourself with people who celebrate and love you.

We certainly do not know when our time here is up. Some of the greatest have passed long before we feel like it was their time. We could live to be one hundred or live just a few more minutes. How you choose to live the rest of your time is up to no one else but you.

For the rest of my life I will continue to work on myself; my physical health, my mental health, my happiness & I will never stop loving and appreciating those around me.

So, now as a thirty and one day old; thank you to all those amazing people who continue to cheer me on, pick me up and love me unconditionally. ♥️ I think this year may be the best yet.

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