May 17th 2017

This has crossed my mind a million times over the years. It’s not something I am out of touch with or that I didn’t recognize as being a possibility in my life. I’ve suppressed it hoping by some miracle that I would never have to actually do this. That someday I’d figured out the magic no one else ever has. I would find that ah ha moment and my life would forever be different. . Today I realize that isn’t how this works for everyone. Just as surgery is not for everyone. . It is for some of us.

Those of us who has struggled with every ounce of our being to lose 10 lbs and gain it all back and then some. Those of is who have tried and struggled at every diet and exercise routine there is. Those of us who can’t seem to not take those last few bites until we feel stuffed. Those who need this tool to help us create a  better future for ourselves.

A future that will be a constant challenge. A future that while our tool can help us we will always have to face this demon. We will fight for a better life every single day for the rest of our lives. We aren’t looking to “take the easy way out” or a “quick fix” because this journey is forever.

So today, after attending the informational session at UPMC Altoona I  know I have made my own personal decision and today I will begin my journey to have bariatric (weight loss) surgery in this coming winter.

(I’ll hold while you gasp, shake your head, or digest the above)

I know that for the rest of my life I will be surrounded by those who love and support me on this crazy, beautiful, chaotic, scary, needed journey. &  I am just as aware that for the rest of my life I will be faced with those who do not understand or agree with my decision to pursue surgery to help me on this road. To those who will stand beside me and push me to become a healthier and happier version I am eternally grateful. To those who don’t understand or have negative things to say regarding this decision. . I was there at one point too, it’s okay to not understand and to have negative thoughts or feelings toward something.

All I ask is to let me live my life and make the decisions I need to make to live the fullest and most incredible life that is out there waiting for me. And the beginning of this journey is to start the process to become healthier.

Here’s to the next year being life changing.


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