June 8th, 2017

Focus. Strength. Hope. Determination. Balance. Drive. Support. Guidance.

Each of those words are so incredibly powerful to me on this weight loss journey.

Focus – Each and every morning I wake up and remind myself to stay focused on the end goal of living a healthier, happier life. I started this journey after recieving news regarding my labs being close to borderline diabetic. I now focus on changing my life so I may never have to deal with being diabetic or having many other conditions related to morbid obesity.

Strength – I am always reminding myself that I have to dig deep to find the strength to keep pushing forward on this path as well as life in general. A lot of my weight come from emotional eating. I am now searching for my strength from other forms of therapy. I pull strengh from the very depths of my soul and remember that this is a life change and I am strong enough to face whatever comes with that.

Hope – For the first time in years I am hopeful for the future and hopeful for the person I am becoming. I have hopes of seeing my nieces grow up and I now have hope of growing old. All of my adult life I have had this feeling that I would not live a long life. I believe subconsciously I felt that way because I was not talking care of myself and did not have the desire or hope to make it to the future. I am now over flowing with hope.

Determination – I have literally tried every diet plan and exercise plan you can imagine. This time, I know this is a final step, I am determined to change my life.

Balance – While I have majorly changed many of my habits I am still adjusting to learning a balance between being healthy and loving myself. I am making better choices in regards to food and activity while learning to accept and love who I am now.

Drive – The drive behind this decision is more than just myself. It is having a man I love and want to be around for. It is having nieces that I want to support and love while watching them grow up. And it is having an amazing life I can be proud of and enjoy as much as possible.

Support – I could not proceed with this decision without support. I have amazing friends and family who support this decision and are standing behind me 100%. They are there to ask questions and listen to my triumphs and fears. They are constantly pushing me to remember that I am worth a happy and health life and that they will be here to support me every grueling and pleasant step of the way. They are my heart and soul. This journey would not be possible without support.

Guidance – Having others surround me who had been here where I am, at the beginning of a long journey, is amazingly reassuring. Knowing that the mean and women who have went through this and are living the life I have imagined for myself following this surgery is something I am incredibly grateful for. I know I always have someone I can turn to and ask any number of silly or off the wall questions to without judgment. And I know they will be 100% truthful with every answer.


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