November 30th, 2017

Day 10. 

Today has been a struggle. Not so much avoiding the temptation to eat but my emotions have been on overload. 

Going into this journey I was fully aware that some people would not support my decision and I am still aware of that. Everyone is entitled to their personal opinion regarding this. What they should not feel entitled to do is judge my journey or be little my decision. 

This has not been a decision that I have made lightly. I have been over weight my entire life. I do not know a time that i wasn’t aware that I was the fat friend or the heavy cheerleader or what have you. I have done and tried every diet and exercise plan you can name,  and most of them I’ve probably tried twice. Having the sleeve surgery has become my final option to help me through this war. 

And let me tell you for ANYONE that has the preconceived notion that this is the easy way out, they could not be more wrong. Relearning how to have a healthy relationship with food and how to enjoy your everyday life in a world that gathers around food is not a piece of cake. It takes will power, mental strength and the knowledge that this is what you have to do to move forward with a healthier life. 

And yes, I have heard the horror stories of failed surgeries and terrible complications but if I do not try this for myself I will have failed at living a healthy life and I will face the most terrible complication of obesity: an early death. I am choosing to change my destiny so that I can give life my best shot. 

I want to be around to see my nieces and nephew grow up. I want to be here to share 50+ years with my husband. I want to be able to sit on the porch with my best friends and look back on a thousand wonderful memories we’ve made over the years and laugh until we pee. I want to explore, hike, travel and live!

My point to this rant is to always remember that you shouldn’t judge someone elses choices because you will never know the struggle that goes on in their own head. And I promise you that if someone is willing to do something as drastic as have a bariatric surgery to better their life they have exhausted the other alternatives. And all they want from you is to accept it and support them. . After all would it kill you to see someone making changes to live the best life they can? 

Don’t be a judgmental jerk, basically.

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