December 8th, 2017

Post Op day 3. 

I haven’t been up to writing much the last few days but here we are. Three days out from surgery and I am doing good. I have had a few minor set backs but I still know this is the write decision for me. 

The morning of surgery i was very nervous but I kept myself busy and by the time I got to the hospital I was ready to go. Surgery went as planned per my surgeon. While I was in recovery I did run into some issues with my blood pressure being to high. They gave me some medication and leveled out my blood pressure. After I was off to my room and ready for recovery. 

The nurses and staff that took care of me were nothing short of wonderful. They listened to me and made sure I was comfortable and taken care of every step of the way. The evening after surgery I had another issue with my blood pressure, only this time my blood pressure was too low! The nurses acted quickly and I was back on track in no time. 

The day after surgery I slept a good bit and had a lot of pain in my shoulders from surgery. I knew this was temporary so I still refused to get discouraged. I also had a swallow test done to make sure I had no leaks. After that test I was approved to move to pureed foods. (Every surgeon is different so some people do not.move to pureed foods for weeks, listen to whatever your surgeon recommends!) At this point I was also getting up and walking the halls every few hours to keep everything going as planned. 

My last morning in the hospital was a quick breeze. I woke up and had some pureed foods and then I was able to get dressed and after lunch I was on my way home with no issues. 

Now that I’ve been home for about 24 hours I am doing much better than anticipated. I was able to get a shower last night and sleep in my own bed. Today a friend of mine hung out with me all day and I took a short walk down the block and have been trying to adjust to my schedule of eating now. 

While there hasn’t been much standing in my way it has still been a MAJOR life adjustment and in know it will continue to be. I do not regret this decision and I am still excited for the next, healthier chapter of my life. 

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