December 20th, 2017

Today was my post op follow up with my surgeon. Today I am down 35.9lbs from November 21st. And 50lbs from my highest weight. I am beyond happy with my progress and so is my surgeon. I am approved to go back to work tomorrow and start light work outs.

This is a leap in the right direction and I’m so glad I took this step to live a healthier life.

That being said. . In the past two weeks I have felt every emotion under the sun. I have been angry, depressed, anxious, happy, excited, terrified. . You name it and I’ve felt it.

I had days where I thought this was the worst choice, and days where I was determined to do more than I should. I have mourned my old lifestyle of going out to eat and have drinks with friends. I have accepted that I now have to continue making the best choices possible.

I struggled some days to drink enough protein and eat puréed food. I failed to go for enough walks other days. . But what I have not done is given up.

I am continuing this fight. I am battling my own worst enemy- myself. This will be a life long war. . But I will get there. I will be a healthier version of myself. I have already taken the hardest steps to reach my goals and I will keep moving forward even on the hardest days.

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