December 30th, 2017

Okay, let’s start off with surviving the holidays without over eating and still being on soft foods.

It honestly was not as bad as I have imagined it to be. While I sat at the table to eat I simply constantly reminded myself to put my fork down between small bites and I didn’t make it a big deal when I was done after just a few bites. I simply just slide my plate away and listened to everyone’s conversation.

Yes, people noticed and there were questions asked as to if I was sick or pregnant since I no longer drink alcohol, but since I have been very open regarding this surgery I had no issues telling them what I had decided to do and why I’m doing things a little different now.

All in all the holidays were not as hard when it comes to food as I would have expected.

Now. . I have had a few other complications that I am dealing with. Christmas Day I ended up in the ER with Kidney Stones.( I have a long, hateful history with stones) I spent most of Christmas Day drugged up and in pain. Two days later I finally passed those. Then the 28th I came down with the GI bug that apparently has been going around.

I was concerned because I had not been able to eat much while passing my stones and then with the GI bug I haven’t been able to eat or drink. So back to the ER I went. Not to mention throwing up violently after having the sleeve surgery less than a month ago is rather scary and needed checked out.

They checked me over and gave me IV Fluids and IV Zofran for the nausea and sent me home with some Zofran. They told me this has been lasting 2-3 days. Today is my day 3 and I’m still feeling pretty rough. I was able to eat a few sugar free popsicles and keep those down so now I am working on some G2.

I am so ready to feel better and get back to focusing on healing and hitting the gym. I’m hoping 2018 is the best year yet.

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