January 15th, 2018

So I wanted to do this at my one month mark, but time seems to have gotten away from me so I will do it today.

One Month and Ten Days ago I had my surgery. .

One month and ten days ago I started a new chapter in my lifelong storybook.

I believe this chapter may be the best yet.

Some days have been a huge challenge. Lately I have been having more heartburn and struggling with not eating too fast. It’s a constant fight within yourself to make the best and healthiest choices, but i keep telling myself to remember WHY i did this. Why i want to live a healthier life. Why I want to lose the weight and keep it off.

Some days my energy has been low if i don’t drink enough water or get all my protein in, i can tell. But I just work extra hard the next day to keep myself healthy and on track. I remind myself that a bad day does not mean i have failed. . a bad day is just that, a bad day and tomorrow is a new day.

Some days I miss old habits. I miss being able to go out with my friends and eat like a “normal” person. I miss the refreshing, crisp taste of pepsi. I miss have an alcoholic drink when I please. But I don’t miss it enough to regret this decision, not even close.

The rest of the days are AMAZING. I have more energy because I am not living on sugar and carbs. I sleep better (when I finally get sleep since i’m an Insomniac) than i have in years and actually feel rested when i wake up. I enjoy going to the gym because working out is becoming easier and easier. I love putting clothes on and seeing that items that were tight will now need to be given away soon. I love being about to breathe easier and move around without as much pain. I love being able to chase my nieces and see the joy in their eyes that Aunt Dez is playing with them.

I am so glad i did this for my health and I am proud how committed I have been to making my life  a success story.

Here are my STAT’s for those interested:

High Weight – 398 in May 2017

Start Weight for Preop Diet – 378 – Nov 21,2017

Current Weight – 322 – Jan 15, 2018

And for fun here is a face to face comparison for you:

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