June 7th, 2018

It’s insane to me that we live in a world where ANY woman of any size, shape, cultural background, hair color, tattoo covered, etc. are made to feel that they are not beautiful. Who came up with the beauty standards that we as a society have bought into? And why have we bought into them?

I am no more and no less beautiful than I was seven months and several pounds ago. I still have the same confidence, same deep eyes, same larger than life smile, same compassion and the same, overflowing with love, heart. My size has not changed that. No one’s appearance should change who they attract and who loves them.

Unfortunately whoever “they” are have created a world that appearance over rules what truly matters. Heart and soul and love and laughter. The pieces of a person that tell the story of each of our lives.

While I have been more successful than I ever dreamt in this weight loss journey and hearing compliments is wonderful and reassuring; it also stings a bit. I used to get compliments, don’t get me wrong, but they were the back handed compliments that always reminds you that society sees something wrong with you. The “you have such a pretty face” compliments that leave you feeling like there is a a but. . Or a “you’d be prettier if you lost weight.” And perhaps it’s because of society that we, as larger woman, feel that these compliments have those words following them.

I feel like all people should lift and build others up. Regardless of size, race, religious beliefs, political beliefs, tattoos and piercings, hair color, sexual orientation. . ALL OF IT. We are all allowed to have opinions, entitled to like or dislike this or that about another person but we do not and should not tear others down because of these things.

Live & let live! ❤️ Focus on your damn self!

For anyone who decides to change themselves by losing weight, getting a tattoo, dying your hair, practicing a new religion, dressing in what your comfortable in, voting for someone you believe in, etc; do so with the confidence that you are MORE than enough. Being true to who you are should always be more important than how society sees you and what society has deemed appropriate. ❤️

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