June 13th, 2018

Inspiration. We all pull it from somewhere. A friend, a celebrity, someone we’ve never met online or sometimes we pull it from those little people who call you aunt(ie). Those little faces who you know in some way, shape or form, look up to you for friendship, guidance and love.

The little bugs that you want to watch grow up and learn and change and become amazing human beings. The little eyes who watch every move you make and will probably mimic you from time to time. The little faces who love taking silly pictures with you. The little hearts who hold more love for you than you can even fathom. The little hands that wrap around your fingers when they want to show you something they can do now. The little voices that scream your name with excitement when you see them and come running to you. The little arms who hold you so tight because they don’t want you to leave even when you promise you will see them again so soon.

I have been beyond blessed to have many who I am able to call my nieces and nephews and even more on the way. I’ve touched on this before; these kids have been such a leading inspiration in my decision to have surgery to live a healthier life. While I still have other areas to improve on, this was my first major step in making sure I am around to see them off to prom, graduation, weddings and so much more. (Maybe even tell them a story or two about their moms and dads when they were young and wild. 😂)

Yesterday was my oldest bugs NINTH birthday. Nine. . How that even happened I will never know, but that little girl FOREVER changed my life the day she was born. When she came into this world I knew I would always have someone who needed their Aunt Dezzie to be around. To laugh with, to cry with, to sneak her candy, and be her forever friend. I knew I had a true purpose to be on this earth as long as I possibly could. I knew then I wanted to share in dress up, softball games(or maybe cheerleading), birthdays, and even when she had bad days or a bruised heart and needed someone other than mom or Mimi to talk to. I knew I wanted to love that little bug for as long as I possibly could and then some.

(My MarBug and I on her 9th birthday at her softball game. 🎉)

While I didn’t make the decision to change my lifestyle back then, I knew I would need to do something to assure I would be here for her for whatever she may need for as long as I possibly could.

Fast forward to today; I have more nieces and nephews than most. I have my little bugs, my tiny best friends, my babies, my crazy side kicks and my first born niece. This lifestyle change was a way for me to promise them that I will do whatever I can to be there to teach them about all I know, share hours of laughter and make memories that I hope they continue to cherish for years to come.

And one of the biggest non scale victories that has come from this journey is my ability to keep up with my babies. To be able to throw them around, chase them, and even to be taking one of them camping with us for an entire weekend next month. These amazing blessings may never realize the impact they have had on my life but I am forever grateful that I am their Aunt and will be around for as long as I can because they have inspired me and continue to inspire me every single day.

To whomever said you do not or can not know love until you have children of your own;; clearly they do not and have not had nieces and nephews as amazing as mine. ❤️

& to all my beautiful nieces and nephews, I hope you NEVER question that your Aunt Dez loves you to the moon and back. 💫❤️

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