Goodbye Nutritionist.

Today was my last and final nutritionist appointment with the nutritionist who has followed me through my weight loss over the past year. She was nothing short of wonderful! And I’m super thankful for her knowledge and guidance. But I am even more thankful that I have done well and do not need to return unless I have issues/concerns in the future. One less appointment to attend on a regular basis. 🙌 & she gave me some helpful snacks to change things up a bit with.

I am even more excited that this week I broke through my stall!!!! While the three week stall was super frustrating I knew it would end as quick as it started and I know that the closer I get to my goal weight the more stalls I will have. As long I can keep pushing through them and remembering that being healthy and happy is the most important thing to me all will be okay!

I feel better today, in this moment than I physically have in my life (that I can remember) but the better part of this is being emotionally and mentally healthier than I’ve been in a long time! I am laughing louder, enjoying the little things in life I missed out on before, and I am reminded daily by my AMAZING family and friends how much love and support I have behind me through this journey and this life!

To those who have been there for several years over heartaches and damaging myself; I’ll never stop thanking you for sticking around and loving me then and now. ❤️

& to those who I have met and become close to since this journey has started; thank you for loving and supporting me while I explore this new life and embrace the strength I always had inside. ❤️

My biggest thank you has to be to my husband! While I know my weight loss is a change for him as well, he has stood beside me and held me when I was sick, reassured me when I questioned this decision and reminded me to slow down when eating! It’s not always easy facing the unknown and such a huge change- but I’m glad he tells me he is proud of me and happy that I’ve changed my health to be around to annoy the shit out of him for years to come! ❤️❤️❤️

Stat Update:

Highest Weight: 398lbs Pants/Shirt Size: 32/5x

Current Weight: 231lbs Pants/Shirt Size 18/2x

Doctors Goal : 200lbs My Goal: Healthy & Happy

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