Struggles. Pains. Stalls.

Struggles. Pains. Stalls.

This journey has provided no shortage of the above. I have had days I’ve struggled to stay on track, pain in my hips and joints from a rapid weight loss and exercising more than I ever have, and the most frustrating has to be the stalls.


I am no where near perfect and taking on this new lifestyle has reminded me of that. Some days I slip up. I drink energy drinks or eat a piece of chocolate. But I DO NOT beat myself up over it. I refuse to never let myself “indulge” in the little enjoyments of life. I just know now I can not over indulge. Moderation is key.

I have made the choice not to eat pasta/bread. This is my personal choice. I get asked frequently if this was instructed by my doctors; this was not. This was a choice I made on my own because I know that carbs are a major down fall for me! I would love to still eat spaghetti, pasta salad, pizza or a Joeys Bilby. . 😍 however, I know that if I did I would feel like complete and total crap after AND it would be the start of something I probably wouldn’t stop. To me, that’s not worth it. For myself I’ve made the decision that bread and pasta is not worth falling back into old habits.

Instead I do make and eat substitutes. Chicken crust pizza, cauliflower pizza, zucchini noodles, burgers with no bun, pasta salad with no pasta. 😂 There are ways around pasta and bread if you’re committed to avoiding it! The will power is STILL a daily struggle but it gets easier wit every passing day, I promise.


Of course most journeys come with mental and emotional pain and I’ve visited that before; physical pain has also come with my surgery. The intial pain was right after surgery. I had pains from the surgery itself and the incisions.(thankfully with today’s technology I only had 5 tiny incisions on my stomach) I also had to give myself a blood thinning shoot everyday twice a day for ten days right after surgery.

A few weeks into the weight loss I dealt with the most pain from the rapid loss. My hips and joints bothered me constantly for about a month. I asked my doctor about this and he said it’s rather common since your bones and joints are catching up to carrying less weight.

Now the only pain I have is from working out and pushing myself further than I ever have; no pain, no gain, right?!? 😂


Most recently I’ve hit my first large stall. How frustrating these stalls can be! I have remained at the same weight for about 2.5 weeks. I was aware this would happen but that hasn’t made it any less annoying! While I’ve still lost 160 lbs and that is AMAZING from where I started I have a ways to go and when you hit a stall you feel so defeated.

Although I do have moments where I feel defeated I try my damndest to not measure my victories simply by the number on the scale! Some times that number can be your worst enemy. Instead I feel how lose my jeans are that were so tight just the week before. Or I look at how much more I can accomplish without feeling exhausted when a month ago I would have only managed half of whatever task I’m doing before needing a break. I compare my pictures to see the progress I’ve made and how far I’ve come. I refuse to let these stalls break me!

I’m not telling you these things as a way of discouraging anyone from continuing on their weight loss journey. I’m voicing these issues because they are my reality. These are the real and honest issues I have faced and will continue to face. But they do not define my journey. They are a small price to pay to feel like I’m living in the body I was always meant to have. ❤️

Current weight: 238

5 thoughts on “Struggles. Pains. Stalls.”

  1. Fez, you have come so far and you will have the “stalls” but your attitude is the difference! You must push through and keep positive! Love your quote so I must borrow it! Proud of your hard work and helping others along the way! 😃😍

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    1. Thank you so much Kerry! ❤️ This has been an amazing journey even with the lows and I am sharing it to help and encourage anyone I can and broaden the understanding of weight loss surgery as a whole. Thank you for always encouraging me in everything, especially writing! It was so good to see you the other day! ❤️


  2. You are awesome, and doing so great. Remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint, and you admirers that number on the scale. Keep up the great work. So proud of you!!

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