Amusement Park Rides; Sign Me Up

Can I tell you all something? Of course I can, it’s my blog. 😂

Anyway. . After having a few off days a couple weeks ago, the past two weeks have reaffirmed how thankful I am for this tool. How amazed I am with the little things I didn’t realize I was missing out on. How much the good out weighs the bad on this journey!

Two weekends ago my husband and I attended his cousins wedding at the same place he and I got married 10 months ago. Now we all know the chairs at weddings are anything but comfy and if you have any weight to you or ever have you always fear a crack or breaking the chair. I worried about this in my wedding day. I hate to admit that, but I did. This time I sat totally comfortably in the chair and didn’t feel like it was going to break beneath me! HUGE NONSCALE VICTORY for this girl! 🎉 Folding chairs, bag chairs, porch chairs etc are no longer my enemy and I no longer fear I won’t fit or will break someones chair! What a relief!

Also hearing my husband tell his family how wonderful I am doing on this journey and how proud he is of me for improving my health and life was enough to make me fall in love all over! 😍 I’m so thankful I have a husband who loves and supports me on every adventure I take on, including this one. (It doesn’t hurt that I think he’s pretty darn cute! ❤️)

The left picture was the day before our wedding, the right was July 7th.

Another HUGE non scale victory for me was going to knoebels amusement park this weekend and actually fitting in the rides! I have not rode a single ride since I was 12 or 13 because that was the last time I fit on most rides. This weekend we took our oldest niece camping and took her into the park. I was super nervous that I still wouldn’t fit but I tried it anyhow and I even had to pull the seatbelt tighter!

While I didn’t ride all that many rides I now know I have that option if I want it. And I was able to keep up with all the walking in the heat and truly enjoy the day with everyone. Previously I would have stayed behind or sat on a bench while everyone else was enjoying their time there. This time I got to enjoy every second and make memories I’ll cherish forever.

Not only did I ride the rides for the first time in years, I also wore a tank top in public! This is something I NEVER did before. While I definitely have loose skin and I’m not totally comfortable in my own skin (cause let’s be honest, who the hell is?!) I feel good enough to wear a tank top again! Describing how freeing that is is damn near impossible; let me assure you though, it was amazing on a 90 degree day to not be covered up because I was ashamed of my oversized arms and had the mind set that if they were covered no one would realize how large they really were. Irrational thought but how my mind worked previously.

& for my final Non Scale Victory of the last few weeks; I

WORE A DRESS ABOVE MY KNEES! and was super comfortable in it! Not to mention one of my best friends bought I for me and it was too cute to pass up! 😍

“In between goals is a thing called life. It should be lived and enjoyed. ❤️

4 thoughts on “Amusement Park Rides; Sign Me Up”

  1. ❤️❤️i love love love reading this and listening to your heart talking instead of making jokes around your insecurities! Because we both know .. we are ok with who we are.. but the “thinner us” is always dying to step out of the shell and really show off our confidence! Love you just as much either way… but love the way you love yourself more now! 😘😘

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    1. you know me better than most, and i did ALWAYS joke and make jokes because if i made them first they couldn’t hurt me as much if someone else made them. . that was the thought process behind it anyhow. But enjoying the little things in life and keeping up with Marley all weekend and just feeling better about myself has made me love this life even more. I can’t thank you and everyone else who has stood beside me all these years enough for loving me at my worst and pushing me to be my best. Love you so much. 🙂


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