Attitude Can Change Everything

An enormous part of ANY journey is this life time being successful is the attitude you take it on with. A positive attitude is not always easy but it is essential when you want to change your entire life style. Bad days/moments will happen but brushing yourself off and continuing to push through them will be so worth it in the long run.

I have been through a few challenges in my lifetime. Hard times and struggles. I have been at rock bottom emotionally and physically. But I’d say 90% of my life I have tried and mostly succeeded at remaining a positive, confident, happy person and that makes all the difference now.

My weight loss has definitely slowed, as I knew it would. While I could get down and be upset with that; I’m not. I am happy that I have pulled myself up from my rock bottom and will continue to climb to my highest peak.

I have lose skin that does bother me. (A subject maybe I’ll write more about another time.) & it may lead to more surgeries in the future. And I still have health issues that I may have forever regardless of the weight I lose or how healthy of a diet I follow. I will still have valleys in between my search for the mountain tops.

Good thing I have always loved a challenge; this is no exception. It can be emotionally draining to want some thing so bad and work so hard for it and have the feeling that you aren’t doing enough/working hard enough.

But you can not simply look at one minute, one hour, or one day to judge yourself. You have to look at who you were a week, month, year ago. You have to look at where you were, where you are, and where you’re going. It’s all about the choice to believe you are strong enough to see the positives in the journey.

Side note; not matter what I weigh or how old I am this girl will always love a good theme party/ Halloween. 😂😂😂

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