Life After VSG; It is NOT a Cure All

October 2017 vs. October 2018

Weight loss is not a magical cure all for your health concerns/issues. You can be in shape and “healthy” and still fall down with the flu, an auto immune disease or those stupid, pesky kidney stones that seem to creep in and knock you on your ass for a few days!πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

While losing such a substantial amount of weight (180 lbs to be exact!πŸ™Œ) in the last 10 months has certainly helped with my energy level, and overall ease of day to day tasks I still battle a handful of health issues. I have a borderline autoimmune disease that I give myself a weekly shot for and will probably continue to give myself that shot forever or until it stops working. And I also battle kidney stones like it’s my job! πŸ™„

Most recently was one of the worst kidney stone “attacks” I’ve had in years. I tried to fight off the pain and passed out at work. Only to hit my head and end up in the ER. After the ER I was able to see a urologist the next day and scheduled for lithotripsy that Friday to break the stone up to pass with a little more ease.

This will NEVER stop being frustrating for me! I am stubbornly independent and while it is such a good trait to possess most of the time it also causes so much frustration because I have a hard time leaning on people and asking for help. I am SLOWLY ( painfully slow for those who want to be there for me I know, but give me credit, I’m working on it!!!) trying to improve this and am so thankful for those who push me to let them step in and take care of me when I need it the most.

In the past, after having kidney stones and/or lithotripsy I would have been in bed ALL weekend. My body seemed to take forever to bounce back. This time was a little different. And I can’t help but think that maybe the weight loss, while it hasn’t cured me of all my ailments, has helped my recovery time. Don’t get me wrong, four days after lithotripsy, I am still sore! My right side feels like someone kicked me repeatedly while I was down.

However Friday afternoon my husband and I still stuck to our anniversary plans and went an hour and half away and went camping with some of our best friends for the weekend! My husband encouraged me to nap and did anything and everything he could to make sure I relaxed as much as I needed and stayed medicated to keep my pain at bay.

My point to this; there will always be frustrating times in life! You can do everything by the book and some times you will have set backs, bad days, hard times. You have to decide if you want to keep pushing forward or unpack and stay in the dark. I hope everyone reading this always find the strength to keep going forward!!

& just as important; lean on those who love you! ❀️ I know this is so hard for some of us, but let others be your care taker when you truly need it. It makes being down and out a little more bearable when you’re surrounded by love and support.

Hopefully within the week I will be back to 4am workouts and be able to continue to push forward with my new lifestyle and continue to work on letting others support me and be my biggest cheerleaders!

October 2017 vs. October 2018
July 2018 vs. October 2018

High weight: 398

Current weight: 218

Doctor’s goal weight: 200

My goal weight: healthy and happy! 😍😍😍 (which I’ve already hit and maintained!)

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