Squad Goals

Let me tell you about real squad goals for a second; how important it is to have positive, supportive, amazing souls surrounding you. How this journey could be so much more frustrating and devastatingly hard if my closest friends weren’t my biggest cheerleaders. ❤️

I am incredibly blessed that I have always had support in my life, no matter the circumstance. I have made friends in the oddest places and they have become my family over the years. No matter what has been going on I know I have people who I can lean on (even though I’m normally too stubborn to ask for the help I need.🙄)

When I decided to have VSG I was nervous about telling those closest to me. I was afraid they wouldn’t understand and I was scared it may drive a wedge between us. I even debated not saying anything until it happened which is crazy because I am such an open book.

After I told the ones in my immediate circle and they listened to my reasoning and took an active interest in the process and encouraged my life changes I felt a weight lifted. They asked tons of questions and assured me they were behind me to live a healthier, longer life.

I know that not everyone experiences this amount of support and that breaks my heart for them. I can not imagine not having the ones I love the most standing beside me on this never ending journey. People who do not judge me and have never saw my weight; just my fabulous, larger than life, obnoxiously sarcastic personality. 🤦‍♀️😂🤷‍♀️

Fast forward to well over a year since I started this whole process of changing my old eating habits of an entire box of Chinese, a bag of middlesworth chips, so much soda all the time and all the unhealthy choices to now. Eating super small portions of mainly meat and cheese, avoided pasta, potatoes and bread as much as possible and never drinking another soda (yes, I still drink rockstar, I know; quit judging. 😂).

The most important and touching part of this change and the incredible friends I have is that they still make sure to include me in everything! They still invite me to dinner, even though I won’t eat very much. They always ask what I can/will eat so if we are having a party or going on vacation together there will be options for me. They go out to have a few drinks with me knowing I will leave super early because I can not and will not drink as much alcohol as I used to. They have adjusted to me being cranky because I get up and work out so damned early.

And you know what else warms my heart through this? They still ask questions and want to know all about my progress!!! They cheer me on when I’ve lost another pound or two and cheer me up when I’m at a stall or having a few bad days. They remind me that I did this for all the right reasons and how important it is to keep going!

I am so fortunate to have so many friends from so many walks of life. I have friends who are decades older than me & years younger. Some who live lives I do not understand and those who I have endless things in common with. Friends who live miles and states away and some that live up the street. Some I see on a regular basis and some I only see once in a blue moon. Friends who have stood beside me through the darkest times in my life and those who have come in after and supported me just the same. I am blessed that I have always had the drive and strength to not let life make me bitter and to always have an open heart.

Once you are a part of my life you will always hold a place in my heart. I will always try to love and support you. & I will forever appreciate your friendship. ❤️

No matter what someone is going through or deciding to do listen to their reasoning, try to be understanding, be encouraging of positive life changes and love those in your life & always tell/show them how important they are to you!

– (I wore these sweats the day of my surgery and they were TIGHT! But the only sweat pants I had that fit. Now I can barely keep they on. But they’re so comfy so I’ll keep them. 🤣)

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