I am in amazement that a year has come and gone since I had surgery already! How that’s even possible is insane to me. While I’ve had moments where it felt like I couldn’t keep pushing myself another minute overall the last year has flown by.

I had my one year follow up this morning with my surgeons PA and he is pleased with my progress and I am not scheduled to see him again for an entire year! Now obviously if I have issues or concerns he will see me sooner but all of my labs came back better than ever. I have no deficiencies and am healthier than I probably ever have been!

In this last year I have learned so much about myself. So much more than just how determined I can be.

I have had to let myself and my health take priority; some thing I haven’t always done well in the past. I have had to learn to fall back in love with myself; looking beyond flaws on the outside. I have had to step back from others; as much as I don’t like to say no or to take time for me. I’ve had to face old and new demons and fight small battles so that I can continue to win the war. I have had to learn new coping mechanisms for my anxiety and depression; food is now fuel, not my comfort. I have even had to learn to almost enjoy working out and getting up at four a.m.

This is a never ending adventure of new life lessons and discovering myself. Some days I get angry and don’t want to learn anything else; but then I always remind myself how important this journey is to me. How incredible this story is to me. & I keep going.

I keep going for myself, for my babies (nieces and nephews), for my amazing support system, and for anyone who ever doubts themselves in anything they are trying to accomplish.

My journey will never be over. There are still mountains to climb and will be valleys I crash down in to but I will never call it quits. I have said it before and I will forever admit that I am stubborn as hell; when I set a goal, I never give up completely.

To celebrate my one year surgiversary I decided to get this amazing tattoo. (I am even typing this blog as I’m being tattooed, because yes, I am insane and have an incredibly high pain tolerance.😂)

The books are because I will forever be a writer, even if the world stops reading. The page number, 398, is my highest weight. “Never turn back” is a constant reminder that I never want to go back to living such an unhealthy life. And the water color surrounding it is to remind me that my life is the “fairytale” I choose it to be; I determine my happiness. Thank you to Angel at Thunder Tats for making my vision so much better than I could have ever imagined! 🖤 (the claddagh is another tattoo that Angel did a few months back)

Side note; Today and every single day I have to remind the world how important it is to surround yourself with positive, supportive, amazing friends! I will always be thankful that I have been blessed to have some of the best! And so many texted/called today reminding me that they are proud of me and wanting to know any and all details of my appointment.

Also: if any one ever tells you not to “brag” or share your accomplishments- cut those people right out of your life! This life is HARD and we all have every freaking right to be incredibly proud of ourselves for every single accomplishment! ❤️


  1. Congratulations!!🍷 I am am still following your blog so keep on writing . I love reading your posts!! You have done a fantastic job!!

    Love your tattoo❤


    1. Thank you so much! I love knowing people are still following this! It has been an incredible, wild, painful, beautiful journey. ❤️
      And thank you about the tattoo. All of my tattoos tell a story but this one is especially close to my heart!


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