Don’t Be a Negative Nellie

One thing that will never suck less through this journey and through life is the negativity that some times comes with it. The snide comments that people make still sting, regardless of how confident you are. The words still cut deep and bleed just the same. What can change is how you choose to deal with it.

When I was young I was certainly bullied. Mostly by my half brother and some of his friends. The words were harsh and they were ruthless. I would get upset and cry and question why I was the way I was. Why no matter how hard I tried they didn’t like me or always had cruel things to say.

Luckily, over the years, (being surrounded by amazing, supportive people) I have learned the most important piece of any puzzle in this world is to love yourself, first and foremost. Words can only hurt as much or as little as we let them. Others opinions can only effect us as much and as little as we let them.

It’s not always as easy as it sounds, I know. Some words from some people feel like they cut so deep that the damage can not be sewn back up; I promise you, it can.

Over the last two years I have heard from several how other who have had this surgery have “failed.” I’ve been told I have taken the easy way out. People have said that this surgery would change me and make me into a person they wouldn’t like. Rude comments are made about what I eat or not eat.

While I may have regain in the future, I don’t need to be told I may/will fail. I need to be cheered on and supported regardless of what may happen. At least I am trying!

    And well the “easy way out” is a joke to me. You eat a diet so high in protein you live on meat and cheese, get up at 4am to work out, and pass on some delicious treats you used to love and tell me how easy this is! 🤦‍♀️

As for changing me, this surgery has certainly changed me. I now acknowledge myself and worth a little more and my priorities have changed; however, I still love whole heartedly and believe in the good of this world.

And what I eat/do not eat: please, ask questions!!! Ask me why I eat this or that, or             how much I eat. But do not be rude or belittle my choices. They are mine.

So, as with any negativity, I now make the conscious effort to brush it off. Some times that is easier than others. Some peoples words cut deeper than others and take a few extra stitches to sew back up but I get that needle and thread out and do my best.

At the end of the day I do love who I am; flaws and all. It’s taken me a lifetime to get there and I certainly don’t have that kind of time to convince anyone else to love me. So I am unapologetically living the best life I know and forever thankful for the ones who love me now and had loved me then. ❤️

3 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Negative Nellie”

  1. Your words are my inspiration … Without knowing who you are I would still look forward to reading your blogs. You have always had a gift of writing but this new blogging you have done expresses your words far beyond your other talents! I come to the end of your blog and then read it all over again it’s that captivating! Love you as my own!


  2. Words to live by ❤ . On days that I start to struggle with my own weight loss, I think of you!! I am alot older but find your words inspiring . I am so glad Alyta introduced me to your blog!!


  3. Always thought you were a Beautiful young lady. You are an inspiration.People are so quick to say things and judge, they have no clue till they walk in your shoes,don’t pay attention to those kind of people, just be positive. Love you, so very proud of you.❤️❤️😘

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