Happy Birthday, Poppa

Today would have been my Poppa’s (Dad’s) fifty sixth birthday. As most of you know he didn’t make it passed forty five. Esophageal Cancer took him from me when I was eighteen. But what it did not take from me and can not take from me is the eighteen years of memories and lessons he taught me.

See, my dad was the life of every party. He was the one who would make everyone in the room feel special. He did not care about your age, race, religion, etc. He did not judge based on others opinions and even if you wronged him he would more than likely take the shirt off of his back and give it to you if you needed it. He was mostly laid back, although he lacked a lot of patience.😂 & when he loved he did so unconditionally and with his entire heart. He was certainly not a saint, I know, but he was an amazing father.

He was always one of my biggest cheerleaders. I can not remember a time that he ever discouraged me from chasing my dreams. Whether it was writing or saving the world; he was forever in my corner. & I have to believe he is still in my corner while I continue to chase any and all of my goals and dreams.

Those that knew my dad have always told me I was the apple of his eye. And now they tell me how proud he would be of me for making myself a priority and taking care of myself.

I don’t know what my future holds or how long I’ll be on this earth but I want to always make it worth while. I want to always live every day with an open mind, over flowing heart, and push myself to new heights in every aspect of life: I can only hope I leave a mark on this world as beautiful as my poppa’s.

Below is the poem I wrote for my Poppa’s 56th birthday.

Poppa, poppa, poppa! Today is your birthday!!!!
Oh my Poppa I have a million things I want to say.

So much is different since you’ve been gone, yet so much is the same.
I’ve grown & learned & changed but my heart and love still remain.

I speak of you often and have amazingly funny stories I love to share.
A million memories with you; we always were quite the pair.

Minutes have turned into days, and days have turned into years.
Heart ache and pain has sometimes even turned into laughter and happy tears.

While with every second that passes I still wish you were here:
I know you raised me to be brave & strong & kind; to love without fear.

To live without worry of what tomorrow may bring
Losing you so young taught me we truly are not promised anything.

Not time, nor reason will ever fill the hole left in my heart.
But I’ll love you til forever, just as you loved me from the start.

So as your strong willed & stubborn little girl I live every day as you always had.
I’ll forever push to make you proud and smile down on me, dad.

Poppa, Poppa, Poppa, so much I could say. . .
but for now I just want to wish you the Happiest 56th Birthday!!!

– Desiree Angelica


While the vertical sleeve gasrectomy is a huge piece of my story it is not my entire story. Thank you for reading even when the topic is not solely about my VSG and weight loss. ❤️The support and love I am surrounded by is some thing that I will never stop being thankful for. My Poppa may not be here but I’m guessing he’s smiling down knowing I never have to face any thing alone.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Poppa”

  1. Des you were is little angel. No matter what you said or did disappointed him. Now he is your angel looking down on you in amazement. He would be proud of the young lady you’ve become. As always i love you brat.💞


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