Holiday Sweets & Treats

Holidays = Food, am I right?! We all gather around food. Especially at the holidays! Every one makes the most delicious meals and desserts and just because I had VSG does not make me immune to the temptations of all the deliciousness every one shares.

That being said I still do my best to avoid over eating and try my hardest to not give in to eating things that are not in my best interest. But I am human! And I believe in letting myself enjoy the holidays including the scrumptious food. However I now keep myself in check so much more than I used to.

I put small amounts on my plate and I take tiny bites to savor my food instead of inhaling it. I do allow myself to eat some of the things I normally avoid such as potatoes and a bite of noodles here and there. I have learned that moderation is so important.

I envy that some people can stick to the decision to never eat certain things again. I do not have that kind of willpower. While most days I stick to a pretty decent diet and eat high protein foods and try to eat fruits and veggies (those of you that know me know I despise most veggies. 🤢) I can not deny myself of every thing unhealthy and bad for me.

What I can do is eat my treats in small portions and remind myself that this girl still has goals to hit. I will still continue my work outs through the holidays and I will not beat myself up over a few extra holiday calories. Some may not agree with this mind set but this is MY journey and how I choose to keep myself sane through it.

Also, please do not let anyone pressure you, shame you, or make snide comments about why you are and are not eating. You are in control of your life and you decisions. Ignore any and all haters all year but especially at the holidays! 😘

And as a reminder; if you completely derail off track you were on you can always turn the wheel and get yourself back on track.

I hope everyone has an incredibly blessed holiday and enjoy those you love the most; that is what it’s all about. 🎄

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