Hello Non- Scale Victories

Hello, again. πŸ‘‹ It’s me, again!

My last several posts have been on a more serious note so today I’m gonna highlight a few non scale victories. Some seem silly but that are all things I’ve noticed that have changed since losing weight.

  1. One of the strangest and coolest ones has been being able to cross my legs. I guess since I have been over weight pretty much all of my life I never noticed that I couldn’t cross my legs. Now, I notice I am always sitting with my legs crossed. Who knew. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  2. I sleep more comfortably. I have never been a good sleeper (hello insomnia) but no matter how long I was in bed I would always wake up feeling like I didn’t sleep a wink and my back was always sore. Carrying two hundred extra pounds will do that to you. Now I look forward to laying in bed and spend a little more time than I used to there. (Although my husband will surely tell you I STILL tend to take up the entire bed, cause I like to sleep diagonal and sprawled out- sorry babe. 😘)
  3. Along similar lines- I can wear heels longer and more comfortably than I could when 400lbs were pushing down. I have always loved heels but after a few hours I would be in so much pain that it wasn’t worth it. Now I can rock them all day, every day. I’m sure some day my body will hate me for it but while I can I will enjoy it.
  4. This may sound crazy to some but I used to always hate how close I was to my steering wheel when I was driving. Now I sit so much further away and even had to move my seat closer!
  5. Another crazy one; I can use a normal size bath towel and it completely covers me! I have used beach towels forever! (And still do just because. . πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ I also prefer to shower in the dark. πŸ˜‚ I’m strange, I know! ) but it was an amazing feeling the first time I tried a regular towel and didn’t feel like it came from the baby gap.
  6. Necklaces that used to be chokers are longer and look much better. My rings are lose and actually need resized at some point. Along with my glasses no longer resting on my cheeks.
  7. Shopping is so much more fun! I can go into a store and pick out what I like instead of ordering online and praying to the size gods that whatever I ordered will fit! AND other people can buy me clothes and I’m not terrified it won’t fit! Like the fabulous PJ’s my sister in law and nieces picked out for Christmas and are only an X-large and fit perfectly!
  8. I’m not afraid to go to a restaurant or the movies and not be able to fit into the booth/seats. Or go somewhere and break a chair, ride a ride at an amusement park or anything else a long those lines. 🎒🎑🎠
  9. I can walk longer, farther, faster and not feel like I’m hindering those I’m with. I actually enjoy going out and doing those things now.
  10. Keeping up with my babies isn’t an issue! I can toss them around, run around with them, and play with them so much more than I once did!
  11. In general I just enjoy life much more for so many reasons!

This will forever be a journey and I have to keep walking down this path for it to remain a success but even on my worst days I don’t regret where I am and the roads I’ve chose to walk down. While I still use the scale to measure part of my journey the non scale victories are immeasurable and remind me of why, when at the fork in the road, I chose the direction to live a healthier and happier life.

Life is all about choices we make and I am living with no regrets! β™₯️

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