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Burning Bridges You Never Want to Cross Again. 🔥

You know what’s hard?! Life. But besides that; In general it’s incredibly hard to put yourself first. To put your own mental, emotional, & physical health first and foremost. Especially if you’ve always been a people pleaser, much like myself. Butttttt. . . You know what will always make you a happier, better, more successful version of you? Putting your damned self at the top of your priority list.

I have struggled, and I mean strugggggggllled to put myself at the top of my own list for much of my life. I always wanted to please every one else in my life( let me let you in on a secret, I still generally try) but it wasn’t until I started putting myself at the top of my list that I found my own happiness.

It isn’t easy. And brigdes will certainly sometimes go up in flames. 🔥 It hurts. It’s scary. It can be so lonely. It is a struggle. You’ll feel like you’ve let people down. You’ll question if it’s the right choice. You’ll take one step forward and two backward, repeatedly. You’ll fight your own heart & mind. Your anxiety may go off the charts. You will have to make tough decisions on who you allow access to your heart, soul, mind & life. It won’t be easy. . .

But I can promise you that when you make that decision you will rise. You will come out of the ashes a stronger, healthier & happier version on yourself. You will enjoy life more than you ever dreamt possible. & you WILL attract others that appreciate, value & love you for exactly who you are; not just what you bring to the table.

Bridges burn, up in smoke.

Breathe deep; before you choke.

Bridges simmering; look into the flame.

Blink quick; it’s your life to claim.

Bridges fall; crashing to the ground.

Listen quietly; your voice is inside, ready to be found.

Bridges crumble; ashes are all that’s left

Look inside, find your gift.

Bridges smolder; let the fire flicker out.

Dig deep, it’s time to find your own route.

Bridges gone; only pieces remain.

Decide who you are, rise from the flame.

Bridges lost; floating down the creek.

Speak your truth, this is no time to be meek.

Bridges forgotten; all has been washed a way.

It’s your time to shine; today is your day.


Once you decide you deserve to be a priority & put first; at the top of your list, you will absolutely lose people who have already decided that they do not value, love, or respect the boundaries you will begin to put in place. They will test the flame, feel the heat, light a match and attempt to watch your world burn; do not let them.

Let that bridge burn and walk a way; with your head held high and the fire of your soul burning so bright that it will scorch and blind those who stand in your way yet warmth and light a path for the ones who are willing to endure and warm the hearts of those near and dear to you.

You get one chance to live the absolute happiest life you can; so burn the bridges of anyone who stands in your way and let those flames burn bright to show you the path to your future. 🔥

– – – let me be clear; I am ABSOLUTELY NOT telling anyone to become a selfish asshole! 🙄 I am not saying you should be purposely hateful and mean towards people. I am just saying that YOU have every right to love yourself first and as much as you love others. & unfortunately some will choose not to respect & accept those boundaries. Those are the bridges that will burn. . Those are the ones who lit the match and you have to find the strength to walk away before you try to put the fire out. – – –

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