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I am still here.

I am still here.

Pushing my mind farther than it’s ever been.

Learning balance and my own personal zen.

I am still here.

Physically forcing myself through each and every workout.

Constantly reminding myself what my life’s journey is all about.

I am still here.

Stronger today than I was yesterday.

& know I can handle whatever challenges come my way.

I am still here.

Living each day with a love for life and laughter in my soul.

Learning to focus my energy on what I can control.

I am still here.

Navigating life’s twists and turns, ups and downs, bright & sunshiny days and those that are dark & stormy.

Pushing, learning, & striving to be the absolute best version of myself that I can be.

Don’t you ever count me out.

I may go into hiding from time to time or seem to disappear. .


-Desiree Angelica Young –

It’s been a HOT minute since I’ve written anything, let alone on this blog. . usually in the midst of the winter months I struggle to write anything at all. It’s always been that way. Maybe it’s a touch of seasonal depression, maybe it’s lack of inspiration, I’m not really sure but I’m still here & I’m still doing my best to focus on living a healthier, happier life.

Since my last blog I’ve dealt with flares in my auto immune diseases due to medication changes, cold weather, stress, etc. I’ve been busy with work, family and friends. & I’ve also taken more days to just be in the present. To work out, to relax, to nap, to do whatever I want to in that moment. Some times I plan out every detail of my life in an effort to make everything feel less overwhelming but then I end up scheduling and planning every moment of my waking life. I do it and then sometimes I feel like I lose myself in the shuffle. It is a never ending balance I’ve been trying to perfect for a life time.

The absolute best part about this journey though is that I will never give up or give in. I will go up and down; in mood, being and my weight. But I will never give up.

Why? Because I have the absolute best support system a girl could EVER ask for. I have people who push me further than I ever knew I could go, ones who love me without conditions & a family that I have created who support me like it’s their job.

I won’t let myself down and I know I can’t let them down. So even when you don’t hear from me from time to time always know. . .


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