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There’s Enough Sunshine for Everyone. ☀️

Last week. Last week was my 33rd birthday. 33 years filled with light and darkness. Love and pain. Laughter and tears. 33 years living a life I never imagined; regardless of what the situation I was currently going through consisted of; because I never dreamt I’d even make it to 33.

But I am still here. Living the absolute best life I possibly can. Sure, bad days exist. Tears still come. & there is still earth shattering pain. But at the end of the day I know I am absolutely blessed to still be here.

I am still here because of the love and grace I have been shown and taught.

I am still here because of the dark days and storms.

I am still here because my will and drive to fight for another day.

I am still here because of the hours spent screaming at the sky; forever asking why.

Every moment of every day I am still here because of whatever life has brought my way.

So as I celebrated my birthday last week I was reminded of not only the “oh, no. . . Im another year older.” The “how did I become this age so damn quick?” The “it’s been a struggle to make it this far.”

I was also reminded of the “I am fortunate to be alive to see another sun rise.”

The “it’s been a blink of pain and the longest road of happiness ever; all in one.”

The “I have fought so damn hard to make it to where I am today!”

& even more than all of that and so incredibly important to me is the “I have an army of women warriors beside me who have never given up, never backed down, and never stopped speaking their truth”

In my 33 years I have been on the receiving end of bullies; taunting, name calling, harassing. . It sucks. It hurts. And I learned that words DO break more than bones.

In my 33 years I have also said not such nice things, gossiped and hurt others with my words. For that; I am deeply sorry. & always striving to do and be better.

I have learned that we all make mistakes and no one is perfect but that we should learn from and grow because of each experience we face. We should take the pain we have felt and do our damnedest to try to never let anyone else feel that way. We should grow and change and become someone who builds others up; not tears them down.

We should praise others for their achievements and accomplishments, encourage their growth and dreams and give them a standing ovation or a round of applause at every milestone they reach.

Why does it seem so easy for some to tear others down with words & actions but so hard to cheer them on by being in their corner for every part of their journey? Simply put; it shouldn’t be.

So as a woman, wife, friend, sister and so on in my 33rd trip around the sun I vow to always try to do better & be better. To praise and applaud. To encourage & life up.

Others accomplishments & happiness won’t dim my shine; it will add to it. & the more we add to it the brighter we can all shine. ☀️

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