August 25, 2017

My month 4 appointment with my primary care doctor was this morning. She had a student with her and I am always more than willing to let students learn and go through what they need to with me. The student so super nice and so supportive. He even told me his sister had the vertical sleeve done about six months ago and she has made immense progress. 

I love hearing positive stories. While I know there are so many negative stories out there I also know there are so many positive stories out there as well. 

I’ve had several people tell me the only regret that they have is that they did not make the decision sooner in life. I think my age is the perfect time to make this decision. 

I am beyond ready for the next chapter of this life. In October I will be married and hopefully soon after I can have my surgery and continue on this journey to becoming a healthy and happier version of myself. 

My primary care provider was more than pleased with my progress and determination towards my goals. While I have had set backs and falling off the wagon a few times I have not and will not give up. I have come so far and have so far to go. 

This determination will stay with me always as long as I remember why I am doing this. 

I feel confident and ready. Two more months of appointments with my PCP and then onto scheduling with my surgeon. Here we go!!! 👍

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