April 21st, 2018


Let me take a break from focusing on weight loss and VSG surgery to discuss the effects of positivity in our every day lives.

Stress, heartache, pain, bad days, rude people, over thinking, anxiety; these all wear on us daily and can sometimes shift our focus from all the blessings we have in life. These feelings can overwhelm our souls and crush our spirits, if we let them. I believe on of the most important things we can do is still do our best to always remain positive.

I once had a teacher that would give us ‘reminders’ to write when we needed to change our behavior. He ALWAYS made sure these messages were positive instead of making us feel bad about our actions he made us see how we could change them in a positive light. Instead of having us write such things as ” I will not speak out of turn in class.”  He would have us write “I will respect others voices and opinions until it is my turn.” We would write this ten times and turn it in to him before recess or the end of the day. At the time I’m sure I did not appreciate the positive message he was sending to us. But now, I try to use this outlook in my everyday life.

Recently, I read in Chrissy Metz book “This Is Me” that she tries to start every day by listing five things she is thankful for. A light bulb went off and I thought that this is such an uplifting, inspiring idea that can set the tone for your day. So I was talking to my best friend about this and we decided that we would text each other our five thankful’s to each other every day. A few days after we started we added another near and dear friend to our group text and we have been texting each other these five things for about two weeks now.

In those two weeks we have been thankful for a variety of items and people. We go from being thankful for objects that make our lives easier to people who have stood the test of time with us. But everyday we are thankful that we have each other to share these with and to have those moments in our day to reflect on how blessed and lucky we really are.

Some days we struggle to be positive and look at our blessing; EVERYONE in the world has bad days. But by finding the good in everyday we are able to see our lives and blessings in a different light. And by sharing these thankful’s with others they are able to see a glimpse into our hearts and we can stay connected to each other through these texts. Some days our thankful texts are all we send to each other. Other days our thankful’s are in the midst of other conversation.

A very dear friend of mine once said to me – “Every day may not be a good day, but there is good in every day. ” I truly believe that no matter what you are going through you can find some piece of your day that has a light shining on it.

img_0085Some days we all fall short of being the happy, kind, wonderful person we want to be. Yet, we have the ability to start over at any moment and take a deep breath and reflect on what we can do to change the outcome of our situation. We can decide how we react to other’s negativity, daily stress, our over thinking, etc. This is never ending journey because every new obstacle will wear on you if you let it but you can ALWAYS reflect on what is good in your world. You can always choose to rise about and focus on all you have to be thankful for.

My suggestion; communicate with those you love about what you are thankful for. Text them, talk about them, write them down. Do this once a day or every time you need to take a moment to refocus your energy. But never be hard on yourself for having a moment, meltdown, breakdown; we all have bad moments, but you do not have to let them become bad days, weeks, months, or years.

If you want to share your thankful’s with someone but do not feel like you can with anyone if your life right now: text me, email me, message me on facebook or instagram. I will gladly be your ear and listen to your blessings. I will also gladly listen and help you refocus when you are having a bad day. No one should ever have to feel like they have to face anything alone.  Some times all we need in this life is some one to remind us that we are not alone. Some one to remind us that the past do not determine our future. Some one to listen and remind us that we have the choice to let our obstacles make us bitter or better. Some one to remind us that life is truly about how we decide we want to live.


To all of those wonderful influences I have had who have made me a better, more positive, happy soul; THANK YOU. Thank you for teaching me that I can determine how my pages are filled and what story is written. I am who I am because of those teachers, friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances who have loved me and encouraged me to find the blessings in my life over the heartaches. Thank you isn’t nearly adequate but please know how you’ve effected my life in the most beautiful way possible, you’ve all taught me happiness. – All my love.


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