Eleven Years, Poppa

Another turn on this path I’m on; mile marker says eleven years.

Some hikes have been full of laughter and others I feel like I’m drowning in a river of tears.

There are days the wind doesn’t blow and time stands still.

Hours I dig deep into the ground to find my will.

The will to want to keep climbing the mountains up ahead.

The will to always hear your voice echo from the valleys inside my head.

We packed a life of adventure in the time we had here on earth.

You always walked right beside me, as my best friend, never letting me doubt my worth.

Our views, like the sun and moon, didn’t always align.

Yet, you were always so proud when you said “that’s my daughter, she’s all mine.”

When I look up at the stars I still see the sparkle of your smile.

I know you’re forever lighting my path; mile after mile.

As long as flowers bloom and rain hits the ground;

I will always find you in all the beauty of the world around.

Like a weeping willow I’ll continue to stand tall and strong against the rain and wind.

On dark and stormy nights I will always remember the sun will shine once again.

Mile marker says eleven years without you by my side; step for step.

But Poppa, you shouted from the mountain tops that you’d love me forever and I know that’s a promise you’ve always kept.

Desiree Angelica Young

Forever Young ⭐️ Vinnie Young


Losing my dad has had an impact on my life that there are no words for; but that never stops me from trying. This week (technically leap day) marks eleven years since I watched my dad take his last breath. In the years since I have felt every emotion and I still feel a million different ways every day. I will always miss him and forever cherish the time I was blessed to have with him.

Recently I ran into a few people who knew my dad. I love hearing all the stories about what a great man he was and how proud he was that I was his daughter. He certainly was not a saint but he was my dad & he loved me unconditionally. And I LOVE hearing how much I remind people of him.

Some times I think people probably are over hearing about my dad; the stories, the bad days, the anniversaries. . But grief never truly ends, we just adjust our life accordingly. So thank you to those who listen to endless stories, the same ones over and over, and the ones with no real point. & thank you to the handful of amazing men who have stepped up and stepped in to be there when my Poppa can’t be; to give advice, walk me down the aisle, share the father/daughter dance with me, or just sit at the bar with me and chat. I know my dad would be so grateful that I have those people in my life, as well.

I am who I am in this moment because of my Poppa’s life and his death. I would not wish the pain on anyone but I know he is proud and forever walking right beside me on every path this crazy journey takes me on.

4 thoughts on “Eleven Years, Poppa”

  1. It’s always painful to think of someone you’ve lost in your life, especially your dad.Thank goodness for all the memories, always hold them close to your heart. Love you❤️❤️❤️


  2. 😭 thinking of you today! And i wish you didnt have to work in the morning and we could take a walk now even tho its 8:30pm. I should have paid more attention and called you earlier! Need to go back to slowing my body, mind & spirit down! go back to enjoying the simple life! Hope to spend some time with you soon! Love you!


    1. Oh mama faith! Don’t you worry your pretty little head about me! I am or will be okay! And I’m actually off tomorrow. Lol we will get together for that walk soon. ♥️ love you


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