Balance This Life

Balance; It sounds so simple yet is one of the most complex ideas to grasp. We can believe we have found our balance and then wake up one day to feel totally off kilter when just the night before we laid our head down on our pillows and felt that all was right in the world. We all have days where we feel like the smallest of incidents derails us from the grand scheme of our desires and goals. We have moments that we question if some thing is worth it, days where we feel like all our hard work will never pay off. But we also have the highest of highs where we know we can climb whatever mountain stands in our way.

A weight loss journey is certainly NO different from every other goal you set into place. I, personally, still have my moments when I eat some thing i know i shouldn’t that I then spend the entire day rehashing it and being angry at myself. But I am constantly trying to remind myself that life is ALL about balance.

Tonight my girl friends were over and we ordered pizza. Previous to tonight I had not had a single bite of regular pizza in well over a year now. Tonight I REALLY wanted it, so I ate a few bites and guess what?!? THE WORLD DIDN’T STOP TURNING. I almost let myself be upset for a moment, but then i reminded myself that I am human and most things are okay be enjoyed in moderation. Will i go back to eating pizza on a regular basis; absolutely not. For me the satisfaction of those few bites aren’t worth the risk of returning to old habits. But once in a while will I allow myself to indulge on a piece of pizza, cake, etc. Yes, I will. . and life will keep on keeping on.

I am not attempting to make an excuse or make myself feel better; I am just stating the reality of it all. We all make so many choices every day, and some times they may not be the healthiest but every once in a while we have to let ourselves indulge and then we must move on from it. I can’t even label this as a mistake; it wasn’t. It was just a girl wanted a slice of pizza and enjoyed it.

Some many aspects of life is all about balance. We have to balance our minds, hearts and souls. We have to know that there is a happy medium to the extreme’s. From such a young age we are inherently taught to always want more, strive for better, crave faster, be stronger. . . But why can we not be content with the here and now?  Why can we not simply be in the moment and find a balance? Being happy is amazing, being crushed sucks; and being content should be and totally is 100% okay! Being content, to me, doesn’t have to mean not striving for more or wanting to achieve a goal; but it means you have a balance in your life and you know that between the bad days and those amazing days you are still living a pretty damned good life.

This balance, for me, goes far beyond what I eat. I haven’t always been good at balancing my life. I am blessed to love and be so loved but now I find myself balancing my time between everyone else and myself. Some days that means taking time for myself to curl up and read a book on the porch and then go out with my crazy friends the next! 🤣 I am learning (slowly, I know) that I can say no; for no other reason than I simply don’t want to! & that’s okay! Even more than okay, it is SO important! I am balancing being there for others and letting (okay, this one is totally a work in progress.🤷‍♀️) others be there for me. Balance, balance, balance.

I pray for everyone to find their balance in this world, whatever that is for you.


We are surrounded by our closest friends;

some who walk a pre-lit path, others who are in a constant state of chaotic mess.

We are surrounded by strangers;

some yearning for more, others begging for less.

We are surrounded by those trapped inside their own minds;

back and forth

forth and back.

We are surrounded by those planning their futures.

that way or this

this way or that

We are surrounded by those who make choices to create their own way.

Walk a straight line or some times stray

We are surrounded by those who keep reaching

keep dreaming

always grasping for the stars.

We are surrounded by those who are silently whispering “We will take the fate that is ours.”

We are surrounded by an incredible amount of confusion, clearity, tears, laughter, chaos and fun.

And sometimes we need to find our balance; to remember it’s okay to be the content one.


-Desiree Angelica Young

1 thought on “Balance This Life”

  1. Hey there Desiree Angelica, how you doing!? I just went through your blog and its totally fab, keep up this effort love and have a nice day! ❤
    Looking forward to reading from your blog more 🙂
    You have a new follower 😉

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