Friends. Family. Support. 

Friends. Family. Support.

I have definitely covered this before but I feel like it’s a topic that can never be discussed enough. There can never be too much love in your life. You can never surround yourself with too many positive, uplifting influences.

Friends that become your family are so important to survival in this ever changing world. Some days it’s all we can count on. & it’s so important to have those who cheer you on when your reach the top of a mountain or even just get out of bed on a terrible day. It’s equally as important to be there for them when they achieve their victories or need someone to cry with when they feel like the world is crashing down.

I am so blessed to have always been able to surround myself with some of the most amazing people this world has to offer. From the time I can remember I have had support from those around me to go after whatever goal I wanted to achieve. I am truly blessed to have created an extraordinary family. & to have such a wide variety of friendships with those from all different walks of life, different social groups and friends of any and all ages. My love and friendship has never been based on anything but ones heart.

I still have to admit that when I was deciding on this life changing surgery I was concerned about sharing this with even those closest to me. I knew they would have concerns and fears, rightfully so. I was afraid of the questions I wouldn’t have answers to. And I was afraid that they wouldn’t understand why I needed to do this for myself. I am so glad that I fought through my own fears and worries to tell them.

All of them have been nothing short of supportive, loving and happy for me. I still send random comparison photos and excited messages about a new weight or nonscale victory, and I tell them about bad days or frustrating issues. What never ceases to amaze me is the support I continue to receive from them all.

Some of these people have known me all or most of my life. Some came into my life a few years before I embarked on this particular chapter of my book. & there are ones whom I’ve met and have “adopted” me after I already started writing this story. I am grateful and so thankful for each and every one of them. They all play such an important role in my novel. (And maybe they do get tired of hearing about my life but they never make me feel that way.🤷‍♀️)

The moral to all this is that finding your tribe and letting them love you; the crazy you, the happy you, the anxious you, the silly you. . . All of it. . . Is one of the most important parts of this life. It’s just as important as finding your tribe and loving them hard! We all need people. We all need love. We all need support.

I have always struggled with leaning on others. I have always tried to be the strong one for everyone else. I would shut my door and try to never let those I love know that there were tears streaming down my face just after they left. I would plaster a smile on my face to try to make it so no one had to worry about me. I didn’t want to be a burden or a bother. . I am still working on this and have a long way to go but my tribe has rallied around me and they love me unconditionally.

I’ve heard before how lucky I am to be surrounded by those I have in my life, and believe me I know how blessed I am. I also know that not every out there is meant to be your friend or apart of your tribe and that’s okay!! You will be too extra for some, others will want to see you fail for their own twisted pleasures, and some people are just plan negative. You need to remember that it’s okay to not allow those people entire chapters in your life. You are not obligated to be friends with everyone you meet and you do not have to keep toxic people in your life because you’ve known them for years or you have history together. Make the conscious choice to surround yourself with a tribe that encourages you to grow, loves you through the anxiety attacks, and supports you when you want to live a healthier life. Be apart of the world that builds each other up!

(This is just a small glimpse of the extraordinary tribe I am blessed to call mine. So many are not pictured but loved and appreciated just the same. ♥️)

At the end of every.single.day I can not and will not ever stop reminding my tribe how much I love them and how grateful I am to have them in my life. We all need friends, family & support. 💜

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