Faith All Around

Who do you have faith in? Do you have faith in yourself? Is there a higher power that you put your faith in?

My Faith in Others

Let me start with my personal faith in others. I, recently, was chatting with a friend and she said that she tries to believe that there are more good people in this world than bad. (Amen, sister. Amen.) I am certainly not naive. I know and have known my fair share of monsters, but I have faith in humanity. I believe that at the core there are far more good, decent, kind humans than manipulative, dishonest, evil people in this world. I have faith in the hearts of others. & I have faith that there are genuine people rooting me on every step of this exhaustingly, amazing road I’m on.

Yes, there are those out there that have hindered my faith in the good. Those who have made me question whether good does really outweigh evil in the broad picture. But at the end of the day, those kind, caring, loving, genuine people are always there to remind me that my faith in them is not misled or misguided. They remind me I can trust in their intentions and hearts. They reassure me that not only can I have unlimited faith in them that they have unconditional faith in me.

Through out my twenty nine years on this earth I have had the privilege of having good, solid, incredible friends who have helped me pick up every shattered piece of my heart, every time I’ve needed it. They have done for me out of love and kindness with no ulterior motives. They have wiped away my tears and reminded me how incredibly strong I am and that the only choice is to always keep going. They have had faith in me when I’ve lost my way.

Faith in Myself

That leads me to faith in myself; what an incredible topic to find the words to discuss but let me try.

I have not always had as much faith and trust in myself as I do now. I have went through periods of time that I didn’t believe I was worthy or capable of reaching the goals I had set for myself. I didn’t always have the trust within myself to make life changing decisions for me and me alone. I have spent a lot of time attempting to please everyone around me, some times I still do; I am a continuous work in progress. I am constantly working towards having the confidence within myself to know I am worth this beautiful life I am living and have worked excruciatingly hard to have. I am always working on trusting that others love me for exactly who I am. Faith and trust in yourself and who you are is not easy but it is a fight that is beyond worth it; each and every time!

When my belief in myself waivers I am/have learned to revert back to my faith in others. I let them be my guiding light so I can get back to my path. I have trust in myself that I have chosen some pretty amazing people to have faith in and help me when I start to forget just how strong of a woman I am, how far I have come and where I have been in comparison to where I am today.

Our faith in one thing in particular does not have to be constant; we waver, we question, we lose our way. But as long as we have some small glimmer left within us we will always be led back to where we are meant to be.

Faith in a Higher Power

Let me preface this part with I am only speaking for myself in this moment. I am not an extremely religious person. I have questioned my faith in God more often than not. I was not raised in a church, nor do I attend a church now, nor does it matter to me what others believe. I think this is a very personal topic. However, I do believe in a God and this is my blog so I’m going to talk about it. 🤷‍♀️

I believe that every thing happens for a reason. We are all led to choices and we make those choices for several reasons but ultimately our faith guides us.

I believe that I am far from a saint but as long as I live my life with good intentions and a pure heart that my God will love and understand that when my time is up on this earth. I have heard people say a thousand times that God only gives us what we can handle. Some days I have thought how ridiculous that concept is because I am not super woman. 🤦‍♀️ I have had anger and frustration that myself and those I love have had to deal with point blank shit situations. (yes, I am swearing while discussing religion; my God knows I am far from perfect) I have lost my faith and been unsure of what I believed. I am human. This life can be confusing. Yet, I always come back to having such a strong belief that I am right where I am meant to be. My faith is always restored one way or another.

I believe God leads people into our lives when we need them, he takes people for reasons I will never understand, he leads you to exactly where you need to be, whether you want to be there or not, because you have lessons to learn. Some times those lessons make absolutely no sense at the time and you may never grasp why you went through what you have. But that’s where faith comes in; faith that everything happens for a reason.

When I was a senior in high school I would say I was a bit of a lost soul. I was leaving the cafeteria and a cross necklace I had on broke. For other reasons this pushed me to the edge and I fell to the ground, crying. A teacher, who had no obligation to me, walked over and sat down beside me. She let me cry and be a complete mess with her. Then she wiped my tears and restored a piece of my faith. That woman is now one of my nearest and dearest friends. She has told me that she went back to school and became a teacher because God told her that was her path. And I whole heartedly have faith that she was led into my life when I needed her the most and I have been blessed that she has stood beside me for over ten years now.

Had I not been in that state of mind in that moment that my cross necklace broke and had she not become a teacher I would have never met her and come to know her unconditional love for me. This stranger who had not a single obligation to me is now my very own Mother Teresa. She is not perfect but she is a true saint my eyes and has restored my faith in God more times than I can count.

I tell that story because when I think of my God I think of it. A scared, broken person who had little faith at the time yet this person was right there, lifting me up in a desperate time of need.

I have a handful of other similar stories that have reassured and confirmed my faith in God. And I by no means am telling anyone what to believe or think on the topic; but this is what I think and feel about it.

Everything truly happens for a reason.

To bring this all back to around to my weight loss and where I am today; I have said before that I am not proud that it took me to get to almost four hundred pounds to make the decision to change my life. However, I believe I had to get to that point to be able to have the faith in others love, myself, and my God to know that I am fully and undeniably capable of continuing to live my life as a healthier version of myself. I had to reach that point to learn to constantly have faith in myself and my worth.

Without going through what I have in this life I would not be who or where I am today. & I have all the faith in the world that I am exactly where I’m meant to be. ♥️

P.S. a HUGE thank you to the woman who inspired this post. Thank you, thank you, thank you. When I asked her if she had any blog topics for me she suggested faith. She is yet another amazing example of someone who is a beautiful, kind, genuine soul! Someone who has welcomed me into her life with open arms and an understanding heart! I am blessed to have her & her entire family in my life. ( I won’t call her out but she knows exactly who she is & that I love her so much. 😘)

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