vertical sleeve gasrectomy, vsg

One size does NOT fit all

Generally speaking I am obviously a fairly open person. I do not mind speaking about my life, past and present; good, bad and everything in between. So for me writing this blog and putting my journey on display for anyone and everyone to see has been a wonderful way for me to hold myself accountable and stay motivated! However, this certainly isn’t the only way!

We all have to find out what works for us individually. What motivates us to stay on track. How we can be accountable for our own actions. Who we let in to be our critics and those we will trust to be our cheerleaders. Each of us have the right to pursue whatever method we want to reach our goals.

My point here is to find what works for you and run with that! I have friends who I am so inspired by that have become healthier & happier versions of themselves through a number of different methods. None of us are doing it wrong. We are all doing what fits our lives best.

Some of my best friends have stuck to a pretty strict keto diet and are amazing at cutting what they need to from their diets. I am in constant awe of them because I know, for me, that would be a daunting task. They handle it like the bosses they are! It works for them so I will continue to support them in their journey!

Other near and dear friends of mine have had inspiring success with Weight Watchers! They track points and balance what they eat every single day! I am amazed by them because that takes so much dedication and discipline! I will forever cheer them on and try to have options they can eat when we have gatherings with them.

I have also witnessed those who have committed to rigorous work outs and eating a very lean diet. Others who are vegetarians and eat what works for them. Those who eat several small meals a day and a few who eat larger meals 3x a day. I have heard of those who keep a food and /or work out journal to stay on track. People who work out in groups or have an accountability partner to keep them focused. I say go for it. Keep it up. You got this.

& I am honored and happy to support those who want to pursue having bariatric surgery, whether it be VSG or gastric bypass. If someone approaches me about the topic and wants to know more, learn more, and discover if it is the right fit for them I will absolutely share my hardships and triumphs with them to help guide them in making the right decision for themselves and their future.

Ultimately it is a personal decision on how we choose to live this life. When someone wants to achieve weight loss to have a healthier life they have to find the avenue that will best fit with their goals and future so that they can maintain.

Support those in your life whatever route they are taking to achieve their health goals. (Obviously if they are destructive there are exceptions!) Their success is so much dependent on others rooting for them and being in their corner. It is not a competition! We should lift others up and push each other to be the absolute best versions of ourselves.

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