Happiness; It truly is the little things.

It is all around us.
It’s in the smile of a stranger you pass walking down the street.
It’s the laughter of a child from being tickled on their tiny little feet.

It is within us.
It’s the choice to curl up and embrace a rainy day.
It’s knowing you are blessed with friends who will always listen to every word you say.

It is right in front of us.
It’s the sun shining on the lake while you float on the water, enjoying a good book.
It’s a hug from a loved one who can feel your pain with just one look.

It is all around us.
It’s the scent of leaves in the air on a crisp fall morning.
It’s finding your soul mate & falling in love; without warning.

It is within us.
It’s the sound of crickets in the air on a warm, starry, summer night.
It’s in finding yourself & believing in what is good and right.

It is right in front of us.
It’s finding the friends who love and accept you as one of their own.
It’s feeling and believing you are never truly alone.

Happiness doesn’t depend on the big grand gestures or the big “wow” moments that come once in a while. .
Look around and enjoy the little things in life; always try to find your reason to smile.

– Desiree Angelica Young

If you would have asked me five years ago, or even three years ago if I was happy I would have probably had some snarky, smart ass comment and brushed off thinking about if I was REALLY, truly happy. And If I thought about what brought me happiness I would have probably placed it on some one else’s shoulders or focused on the major events in life.

I view happiness so differently now. It’s amazing how if you take the time to focus on yourself and the positives in this life how much true happiness you can and will find. Positivity attracts positivity and it can be so contagious!

One of the best views you can change is to not solely focus on major events being the only reason for your happiness. Look for the joy in the small things in life. Big, life changing events are wonderful but can be few and far between. There is so much more in this life to be filled with joy about!

I am perfectly happy with spending countless hours on my porch with those near and dear to me. I love hearing my nieces and nephews laughter and seeing their faces light up when they see their Aunt Dez! I look forward to warm summer days spent on our boat with good friends or a good book while my husband enjoys his time fishing. I embrace rainy days that I can curl up on the couch and binge watch a new show or girly movie. I smile when I make a good meal and can share it with those I love the most. I have learned that these little moments, as cliche as it may be, really are the big moments in the grand scheme of life.

Another thing I completely encourage is not putting your personal happiness in another’s hands. Having people who add to your happiness is amazing but you can not put the weight of your happiness on their shoulders; it is not fair to you or them.

I know in the past I was very guilty of my happiness being dependent on others. I felt like if something fell threw or someone couldn’t keep plans we had made then I needed to be hurt, disappointed, and UNHAPPY! I am always a work in progress and still find myself disappointed but I try not let these things control my overall happiness. Life happens and goes on. & there is truly so much to be happy about and grateful for.

Look for the good and beautiful in this world. Bad days happen. Some times there are moments where sadness will blind you to the joy in your life. That’s perfectly okay but remember that even if it isn’t a good day there is some good in every day! Try not to take the little things in this life for granted. ♥️

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