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It’s A-Okay!!!

(Side Note; Yes, I make this face A LOT. No, it won’t stop. Yes, I have always been told some day my face will be stuck like that. No, I didn’t get out of my pj’s today. 🤷‍♀️)

It’s okay not to be okay. . .
✔️It’s okay not to have to all together 24/7.
✔️It’s okay to let your walls down and not be the tough guy you try to be 99% of the time.
✔️It’s okay to be unsure of what the future holds.
✔️It’s okay to work endlessly and tirelessy for something and then decide it’s not what you really wanted after all.
✔️It’s okay to remove toxic people from your circle with no explanation.

✔️It’s okay to walk away from negativity and not look back.
✔️It’s okay to take time away from the chaos of every day life.
✔️It’s okay to spend a day in your pajamas while binge watching the latest ridiculous Netflix series.

✔️It’s okay to say no to an invite to hang out or go to an event.
✔️It’s okay to cry an ocean of tears that you’ve bottled up for far too long.
✔️It’s okay to miss people, places, and things you can’t go back to.
✔️It’s okay to spend an entire day curled up in your favorite chair reading a solid smut novel.
✔️It’s okay to jump ship on your healthy lifestyle for a day and eat your weight in pizza, chips and chocolate.
✔️It’s okay to decide your dream life looks different than you always had planned.
✔️it’s okay to acknowledge your mental health and talk about your crippling anxiety/depression/etc.

ALL of this & more is 100% okay and should be expected in this messy, crazy, scary world we live in. (Just never let yourself unpack your bags and stay stuck in that dark place. )

You know what else is okay?
✔️It’s okay to beam with pride over a goal you’ve accomplished.
✔️It’s okay to have a water fight with your tiny best friends on a warm summer day.
✔️It’s okay to laugh so hard with your best friends that you pee a little & then laugh even harder.
✔️It’s okay to brag about your weight-loss cause you’ve worked damn hard to get where you are!
✔️It’s okay sit in the sunshine and do nothing but soak it in.
✔️It’s okay to work long and hard hours because you want that promotion.
✔️It’s okay to have a girls night and drink one too many so you end up singing awful spice girls songs at the top of your lungs & totally off key.
✔️It’s okay to go for a random adventure on all the back roads and pick a new direction at every turn.

✔️It’s okay to pick a new city to spend the weekend exploring just because you’ve never been there.
✔️It’s okay to treat yourself to a new outfit, hairdo, tattoo, etc because you feel like you’ve earned it.
✔️It’s okay to have relationships others choose not to understand.

✔️It’s okay to set healthy boundaries and expect them to be respected.
✔️It’s okay to go away with your spouse and rekindle that flame.
✔️It’s okay to prioritize yourself above all others.
✔️It’s okay to worry and take care of those you love.
✔️It’s okay to do random acts of kindness and not want the recognition.
✔️It’s okay to celebrate your birthday for an entire month.
✔️It’s okay to have a hobby and then not enjoy it anymore.
✔️It’s okay to want the best for yourself and those you love.
✔️It’s okay to make your own family composed of people who love you unconditionally without hesitation or obligation.

✔️It’s okay to accept help and ask for it.
✔️It’s okay to live a life without regret; even if you’ve done some questionable things in this lifetime.

It’s okay to be exactly who you are, where you are in this moment; every circumstance, decision, detour has led you to this exact moment in your life. The world can be beautiful, amazing and truly majestic & it’s okay to enjoy it without rhyme or reason.

I write this because with the current state of the world and my own recent hurdles; emotionally & physically, I have had to calm myself on more then one occasion. I have also had to let others remind me that it truly is okay to feel, do and be whatever/whoever I need to be in that exact moment. ♥️

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