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Growth. (& Happy 4yr Surgiversary to Me.)


It’s scary, painful and full of the unknown.

It’s walking a crossed a stream; sliding forward, feeling your way, stone by stone..


It’s shedding the layers of skin you’ve wrapped upon yourself.

It’s putting yourself first. Your emotional, mental and physical health.


It’s trying, hard and can be a lonely place.

It’s revealing yourself; raw, unfiltered, with no makeup on your face.


It’s finding your voice; a scream, a cry, a laugh. Any recognizable sounds.

It’s ripping off the scabs of those never healing wounds.


It’s finding pieces of yourself deep down in.

It’s cutting out the toxicity you always thought would win.


It’s standing your ground; holding firm & strong.

It’s knowing some relationships are deadly & wrong.


It’s fighting your way to find your truth, your light, your love.

It’s looking the devil in the eyes & rising above.

– Desiree Angelica

I will forever celebrate my surgiversary (I am a few days late this year – thanks kidney stone hell.🤬) It’s almost as exciting for me as my birthday. : ALMOST. 😂

Four years ago I had my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy and changed my life. I have had ups&downs, stulls&lulls, taken steps back & leaps forward. Over the last four years the one constant has been growth. It’s taken me a lifetime (32ish years to be exact) to face growth right in the eyes and be willing to accept all that comes with it.

While I’m not the smallest weight I’ve ever been I am grateful for the journey and happy with the strength I have gained and the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Four years ago I was happy. I had a good life and amazing people surrounding me.

Today I am even happier. Living a great life with the absolute best people in my life.

My weight has changed, my mindset has changed and I have changed.

It’s all about growth. We are meant to grow and become better versions of ourselves each and every day. So in the last 4 years I have lost over 200lbs (still maintain a 200lb loss; most days) and gained the knowledge, strength and love to keep moving forward on this never ending journey of growth.

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