thank you; for being an important part of my story.

Thank you.

Thank you to those who undoubtedly believe in me.

To those who push me to beyond all I thought I could achieve.

Thank you.

Thank you to those who have stood in my corner, time and time again.

The ones who are cheering me on no matter how many times I’ve begun.

Thank you.

Thank you to the ones who love me without conditions.

Those who root for me no matter what my ambitions.

Thank you.

Thank you to the ones who have picked up my broken pieces and used their love to heal my heart.

The ones who have stood by me while I was falling a part.

Thank you.

Thank you to the ones who tore me down, trying break every piece of me.

The ones who forced resilience upon me.

Thank you.

Thank you to the ones who tried to break my spirit and wear me down.

The ones who tried to dull the sparkle in my crown.

Thank you.

Thank you to each soul who has touched mine.

The ones who have crushed me, picked me up, broken me for a moment & the ones who encourage me to shine.

-Desiree Angelica

My life has been full of a crazy mixture of people; many who have been blessings & a few who have brought curses and chaos into my realm. I have written many times about the amazing people who fearlessly and unconditionally love me. . . I am constantly in awe of those people & the love they have shown me love when they didn’t have to. I have created a family I fit perfectly in & I don’t have to be anyone but myself. . I am endlessly blessed.

However, their have also been a few select people who has attempted to crush my spirit, dull my shine and make me bitter, cold & hardened. Some even still lerk in the depths of my life and still try to pull me into the darkness. A few even share the same blood as me; coursing through my veins.

I am thankful for them all.

Without the good, bad, beautiful, ugly & every soul in between I would not be where I am and be who I am. Without the gut wrenching rough times and the heart warming good times I may be a completely different person. I may have lived a totally different life. I may have not have learned that not everyone will like me and not everyone should. I may not have figured out that dulling my shine, my extra, my over-the-topness would never make me happy; & that those who truly love me would never want me to.

My point is this;

Let people love you. Embrace the pain. Learn to accept that some people will forever hate you. Love those who support you. Forgive the ones who have wronged you. Create your own family; even if they don’t share your DNA. Fight against those who pull out your darkness. & never regret a single relationship in your life; after all they really do all shape you into the person you are supposed to be. ♥️

The friendships I have made in my lifetime and the support I have been blessed to know has made all the difference in my life. Without the amazing people who love with without obligation and the ones who has attempted to dim my shine at EVERY sparkle; I would not be the person I am right now, in this moment.

From the outside looking in my life may not be understood or even close to conventional. 🤷‍♀️ I have more moms and dads, adopted parents and the absolute best bonus parents (thank you D&R) I could ever ask for. ♥️ I have brothers and sisters galore. And even more nieces and nephews than I can count. . . But I am thankful, grateful and blessed to have each and every single one of them in my life.

& I also have blood that isn’t apart of my life; to this day. . .

I am here to tell you that I am thankful for them all. The one who have loved me and the ones who have taught me lessons about who/what kind of people I want in my world.

& at the end of every single day I wish them ALL well. . . But this is my story & I get to choose which characters help me define the chapters I continue to write. 📖📚📓

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