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He Would

A little girl was born; so shy and scared, a long time ago. . .

Her father so strong, so brave and so loving; little did she know. . .

He would pass down to her his strength, courage and heart.

It would show through when they were forced to part.

He would give her the best eighteen years a little girl could have had.

He would give her a million memories of just her $ her dad.

He would push her to become the woman she was destined to be.

He would give her his smile that everyone loved and those hazel eyes for all to see.

He would make mistakes and ask forgiveness from the creator of this world.

& his baby would curl up in his lap, not matter her age, cause she would always be his little girl.

She’s grow up wild, strong and with an old soul. .

She’d even marry herself her very own old fool. 😂

& even though her poppa would die too young and leave her way too soon.

he would leave his legacy and love her to the moon. (and back🌙)

& although he wouldn’t be here to remind her of his birthday

She’d never forget and always have a beer for him each year to celebrate.

Happy 60th Birthday to the biggest heart this world ever knew, the life of every party, & the best poppa I could have ever had.

Happy 60th Birthday. I love you to the moon & back, dad. ♥️

-Desiree Angelica Young

If you’ve followed along you already know that I was an absolute daddy’s girl. He was the best man that this world could have ever had the privilege of having walk upon it.

I have heard stories from strangers that he literally gave them his last dime or helped them more than he ever knew. I’ve met friends and coworkers of his that have told me of his crazy antics on the job or out at the bar. I LOVE hearing those stories. I have had countless people tell me “you are certainly your fathers daughter.” There is no other compliment anyone could give me that would mean so damned much to me.

My poppa was the life of every party. He never stopped making people laugh and smile. & he did it all with a smile on his own face. He did it all because he enjoyed life.

So on 12/29/2022 he would have turned 60. That is still so young. . . But he’s been gone for almost 15 years. His last birthday alive was spent in a hospital, recovering from a surgery he probably would have never had had he known the truth. . But he didn’t know and he did have the surgery.

So here I am. . Prepared and ready to have a beer (or twisted tea even though he’d prefer a genny light) for him for his birthday. . . Because even though he’s gone, he’s presence is still very much here; in me, in other memories and in the beauty this world truly has to offer.

Happy 60th Birthday, Poppa.

I love you to the moon & back,

Lulabug ♥️


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