Back to the Beginning: Q&A

For this post I’m going back to the origin of starting my blog; weight-loss surgery, particularly the vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Over the last twoish years I have been asked a ton of questions (which are always welcome!), as well as learned from trial and error and educating myself on the topic. For this blog I’m going to answer some of the questions I have been asked the most. 😁

Q: What is VSG?

A: Short version: it is one of the newer bariatric/weightloss surgeries and is in the same category as gastric bypass surgery.

Long version: The Vertical Sleeve Gasrectomy is a bariatric surgery where they completely remove 80-85% of the stomach. After surgery they compare the shape and size of the stomach to looking like a banana. Most times the surgery will be performed laperscopically so there are 4-5 tiny incisions and they will bring the piece of the stomach they are removing through one of the tiny holes. With VSG they do NOT reroute the intestines as they do with gastric bypass so it has been said patients have less of a chance to have deficiencies or become malnourished since the food still passes through the same route.

Q: Why did you choose VSG over another option?

A: I did extensive research on the options out there for me and I spoke to others who have had bariatric surgery. Then I talked it over with my Doctor and we determined, for me, VSG would be the best option for a life long journey.

Q: Would you have this surgery again?

A: 💯%! I have zero regrets about choosing this option. Even the bad days have been worth it.

Q: Will you have skin removal surgery? Do you have a lot of excess skin? Does it bother you?

A: I haven’t really decided if I will pursue skin removal surgery. There are guidelines about how long you should wait after weight-loss surgery and how long you need to maintain a steady weight. It’s a bridge I’m not ready to cross yet but would absolutely be open to that journey if/when the time is right.

I don’t think I have a ton of excess skin; but it’s there. Less then some and more then others, I’m sure. My legs, stomach and arms could definitely use some work but I’ll keep working towards toning what I can and go from there.

Yes & no. 🤷‍♀️ I know it’s there; I see it and feel it. In certain outfits or when buying clothes it bothers me more than others. But it’s not some thing I try to overly focus on and doesn’t change that I am so appreciative and proud of this journey.

Q: Don’t you miss eating certain foods? Or bigger portions?

A: Absolutely! This isn’t the easy way out, no matter what anyone says. There are moments I almost wish I still had a “normal” size stomach and could eat whatever I pleased and however much I wanted. . . But I say almost because even when I allow myself to waiver and have the sweets or eat a few chips I remember that the satisfaction that lasts for a few fleeting moments is nothing compared to the satisfaction and pride I have gained through this journey.

Q: How has your husband been through the process?

A: I am extremely blessed to have a husband who has been nothing short of incredible through out our entire relationship and amazing through this chapter of my life. When I first discussed the surgery with him he instantly started looking up any and all education he could find on it. He attended the initial information session with me, made sure he was home the day of surgery to be there with me, continues to remind me to eat slow, keep up with m my vitamins, work out, etc. He has been happy and proud of all my successes and loves me regardless of size! This isn’t the case for everyone but I am fortunate this has been for me. ♥️

Q: How do you handle the negative nellie’s and the snide, rude, hurtful comments?

A: Now; I just don’t handle it. If someone is rude or has a negative comment to make regarding my life choices it just flows in one ear and right out the other. Many times those comments come from the lack of education/knowledge on why, how, what the reasons and changes surrounding bariatric surgery. Clearly, I’m a pretty honest & open person so I have been sharing my story since it began. In the beginning the judgments and harsh words hurt but I know surgery isn’t understood and as accepted as it could be, although it is much less taboo today than in years past. At the end of the day I have come to terms with living my best life for myself and allowing others words and opinions to just be words and opinions.

Q: Do you feel like surgery has changed you as a person?

A: Absolutely! I had heard people say things about others personality changing after surgery. I used to think that was crazy, but I know I have changed! Partially with age and those I surround myself with and a huge part has been because I made the choice to focus on myself first and foremost. I had to learn to set boundaries and put my own needs above others some times. So yes, I have changed and grown so much, but I see this as one of the positives!

Q: What has been your “key to success”?

A: Focus, dedication, determination & support! So much goes into being successful in ANYthing you do in life. Having weight-loss surgery and maintaining a healthy weight after is no different. I remind myself daily to stay on track and stay focused on they why’s of my choice. I force myself to work out even on the days I don’t really feel like it. I repeat to myself the goals I have and what I need to do to continually climb every mountain in front of me. & most importantly I have the absolute best support system. Friends who check on me and my progress constantly, cheer me on when I’m not sure I can keep up, remind me how far I’ve come and have walked right beside me through this journey. I attribute so much of my “success” to having support.

I always welcome questions. I would rather tell my truth than have people draw conclusions based on what they think they know about me/my life. I have been open about everything that has come a long with this surgery so if you have more questions for me, please ask. But please remember this is my personal journey; we all walk different paths in this life and we all have different outcomes.

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  1. So very proud of you… for the weight loss journey, and so many other things. As I have always said…. Beautiful inside and out.
    Love you


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