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“When one door closes. . . ” que *eyeroll*


Rapidly slams us into the unknown.

A world we weren’t quite ready for but one we must own.


Slowly coming in the distance.

It’ll be here soon enough regardless of our resistance.


We know it; it’s all around us

But never the less it causes chaos.


It’s opportunity. It’s inevitable. It is growth.

Fear and adrenaline; it’s well trained in causing both.


It’s a fresh page of a new chapter in the story of our lives.

It’s painful and beautiful. It’s pushing the button and sending the past to the archives.


We hate it. We love it. It’s lurking in the shadows and glaring us in the face.

Regardless of how we feel about the changes we must trust that we will end up in the exact right place.

-Desiree Angelica Young-

We’ve all heard the cliche and trite saying “When one door closes, another one opens” or some version close to it, right? Right! And how many times have you heard it when you felt like the door, that may have just been slammed in your face, fast and forcefully,  was a final straw for you? Words that may have pushed you to the edge and completely made you lose your shit. I’m going to let you in on some thing though; it’s the absolute truth!!!

We all have doors that close when we least want them to but most of the time it happens when it’s the exact right time. It may takes weeks, days, months or even years to look back and be grateful for or learn from the path you had to chose when you could no longer hide behind that one door you weren’t ready to shut.

It’s change; fear of the unknown. The feeling of not being in 100% control. Wanting a plan on how things will work out.

I’ve heard it said before that change is the only constant in this world; how true that is. All around us every thing changes. The seasons change. Our careers change. Relationships change. Life constantly changes.

Some times those changes are ones we decide upon. We decide to move on and let go of some thing or some one who is not a positive piece of our puzzle. We move, grow and want different things. Change can be beautiful and welcomed when we make that choice to embrace it and go with the flow.

However, change can also be thrust upon us and may not be as welcomed if we weren’t ready for it. Butttttt those changes can also be such a wonderful blessing is disguise.

We all get complacent in life. We find our comfort zone and get stuck in the every day routine we’ve come to depend on. We know when and where we need to be, what needs done and how we will do it because we’ve done it a thousand times before. What happens when life throws us a curve ball? When the universe has different plans for us? Initially we panic; chaos fills our mind. How we react after the initial shock of it all is up to us. We can continue on the trail of upset and panic or we can refocus our view of the change as an opportunity to grow and become a better person.

We all experience our fair share of change; no one is exempt from it. & no one can escape it. I have dealt with losing ones I love, career changes, family/friends moving away, my own personal changes with my life choices, friendships becoming some thing different, relationships growing and changing. Change used to scare me beyond belief; some days it still makes me cringe. The difference now is I believe and have faith that change is a part of growth. It’s learning a new way, finding a new path and becoming that much more of who I’m meant to be.

The point being we can try to hide from it. We can attempt to lock the door. Try to never leave the room we’ve put ourselves in OR we can swing open each new door. Walk down the hallway with purpose. Then through the next door with an accepting mind; remembering change is truly inevitable and will eventually lead us to exactly where we are meant to be. ♥️

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