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Live Without Limits

When we are little every one always tells us to “dream big.” ”reach for the stars.” “any thing is possible if you just believe.” and so on and so forth. We start out in this great big world believing we really can achieve anything, be anything, and do absolutely anything we want and work towards. What changes? When do we start believing we are limited to stay stagnant? Remain living within the box we have slowly and unknowingly created for ourselves?

My answer: DON’T.

Don’t allow yourself to put limits on who you are, what you want to become/where you want to go in life, who you want to have relationships with; None of it. By putting these limits on yourself you are missing out on some of life’s greatest lessons, experiences and people.

Be Exactly Who You Are.

If someone thinks your tea is too sweet offer them some water but don’t use sweet and low when you want sugar, or order a small (when you want to live large) just to accommodate them. You will not be every one’s cup of tea in this world but don’t let that deter you from being the Venti Passion Iced Tea that you are!

The world is amazing and beautiful and so interesting because we are all born with individual minds. We all view the world through different eyes. We are all wired uniquely and (most of us) beautifully. Once we start comparing ourselves and putting limits on who we are: we fail ourselves. We fail ourselves by thinking we love too hard, care too much, laugh too loud, cry too much. . . We feel what and how we do for a reason, whether we know that reason or not. . .

Some of us are intense, I mean REALLY intense (I am one of those people); we feel deeper than the seven seas and shine brighter than the sun. Other’s are more even keel and just go through the motions – neither are wrong because we are not limited to being one or the other. 

So live your best life. Be Kind. Be Intense. Live Loud. Sleep Late. Cry an ocean. Be the loudest in the room. Just do you; with out the limits and worry of what they have made you believe you should be. ( & if we ever figure out who they are; i’d like to tell them THEY SUCK. 🙂

Dream. Dream Big. Dream Always. Dream Until Your Dreams Come True.

I can remember when I was little; I didn’t dream of princess dresses or a fairy tale world. What I dreamt of was changing the world. I wanted to take away all the pain and heart ache for every one, far and wide.

I had huge dreams & at thirty; I still do. My dreams have changed and shifted a bit though. I don’t want to be super woman or wonder woman. However, I still want to change the world for those in my life. I want to make their lives less painful and help them carry their heartaches. 

So while I have altered what my dreams were in this lifetime and they may change again and again; I still don’t believe in limiting yourself to small dreams because you are older, in a different place than you thought you would be or just don’t feel like it’s an accomplish-able goal.

  • Want to lose weight; start by taking that first thirty minute walk.
  • Want to go back to school for another degree; sign up for classes. I once had criminal justice courses with a woman in her eighties!
  • Want to become a better person; surround yourself with amazing souls who encourage you to be the absolute best version of yourself.
  • Want to move to a new country and start over; pack that bag and book that one way ticket.
  • Want to save the world; start by volunteering and saving one child by being apart of their lives.

We get ONE life. Do what makes you happy. Be someone who you are proud to be. Do the things that excite and terrify you at the same time. Don’t limit yourself.

Do not let small minds dictate your relationships.

All of my life I have had friends from all different walks of life. Age, Race, Religion, Sex  and so on has never been a factor in my life when making friends.  When I was in school (as far back as I can remember) I was always close with my teachers. Some of them, to this day, are my best friends. They are people who I hold near and dear to my heart for the person they have shaped me in to. Some of my closest friends, whom I have met at different jobs, out at the clubs, through other friends;

  • Some are decades older than me
  • Other’s believe in a different God than I do
  • Some have become parents to me when I needed them the most.
  • Many have lived a totally different life than I have.
  • A few share similar backgrounds
  • Others have hearts that just match mine & we click.

I’ve been judged and ridiculed. People have made comments and not understood how/why I’ve had these friendships. That’s okay. It doesn’t bother me. People will forever have a mold that they think we should fit in to; SHATTER that ridiculous mold. Break it in to a millions little pieces. Sweep it up and throw it in the trash.

If I followed the train of who I should be friends with I wouldn’t have met some of the most amazing souls in my life. People who, with not a single obligation to me, have stepped in and stepped up in my life; those who are now my family. I have heard stories from years forgotten from those who lived through them. I have been loved and loved more than most will experience in this life time. For that, I will never apologize or diminish what my friendships mean to me.

I am so thankful I never let small minds/opinions limit who I let in my life. (Now that would have been a tragedy.)

so let me just recap this all for you in a few little words: LIVE WITHOUT LIMITS.

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